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  1. Hall of the Dead

    you dont get it again. look simple example: if i want to buy 500 hydro bars, the price diference on 400 gc means prety much, include that i wont buy ings to mix bars or s2es to harv. i say in market SELL ME F**** HYDRO BARS, if someone sell ok i buy, if i wont get it i will ofc use NPC, but thats why there is diferend "style/player" one is hydro buyer, one is ores getter (harver/buyer) one is mixer and one is harver of hydro... dont connect all them to 1 player (yes we have allarounders, maybe even more than before... but still i strongly beleave that most hydro is bought by instancers/hight pro's) who cba to harv/mix or harv hydro... either if you are s2e to hydro trader you get 6hydro ores profit per one run without harving iron coal or w/e is needed to mix em... (i know that some runners was making 30kish gc per hour PROFIT only (exluce the fee they was paying to me to let them harv what was 1 ore per run) either for mixers mixing s2e is smallest gc loose (proly not realy sure) with getting manuf exp (coz ings is prety equal to s2e price and s2e is easy to sell if you get long therm partners) personaly i bought most of my hydro from NPC, just coz cba to spam market and i think its best option tho (hydro worth to be removed or changed)... and i fully agree with you all about "buy hydro from npc" just saying the system of math isnt correct... sorry for my english, just once again feel free to ignore my post if there is too much mistakes for you (*points to Aislarr*)
  2. Hall of the Dead

    Raistlinn, the you math is pretty broken ppls who buy hydro usualy doesnt harv it themself, either ppls who harv it usualy doesnt mix s2e but trade 10:12... don't say you are wrong with mathing rosto tho... in some case you are right, but in other case you link'ed (if thats right word?) 3 kind of players (mixers/hydro harvers and pro's), ofc there is ppls who harv for themself and then your mathing is 100% right, but if we split thous 3 kind of players your math doesnt work. Your eng level doesnt means much ... it help's but for bombing all you need is HP... its about time for you all to check this (who still didnt saw it in years after i made it with mad's and koddy... )
  3. Yethq - an update

    Stay strong Yethq
  4. New creature idea + item white rhinoceros

    NO. NO ... AND NO. do you guys want to push that as*h*** to el's history ? you want make him a legend in here? coz adding mob with hes name will do that. doesnt matter in white or black side, you will make him a legend/part of game. the best what we can do is: forget him, let him die in time river and hope such ppls wont ever come back.
  5. bought shyhermit for a freind

    i have huawei, i jave lg and have iphone all them have bilions of ways to make screenshots throw app's and even with shortkeys https://play.google.... http://www.appszoom.... https://play.google....reenshot&hl=lt and a list of apps: https://play.google....ot&c=apps&hl=lt
  6. bought shyhermit for a freind

    1. http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Screenshot-With-an-iPhone 2. http://getsetgames.com/2009/07/30/5-ways-to-take-screenshots-of-your-iphone-app 3. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/screenshot-frame-maker/id568500069?mt=8 4. google: iphone screenshots APP
  7. Newbie Helper

    Ok i will end it pretty fast i guess. I am closing the project. who ever want the char Newbie_HELPER and the files of page let me know i will send it to you. won't tell reasons, but smart guys will know because of WHO and why i closed it. good luck have fun (if any mod wont bother pls close the topic or delete w/e) EDIT: currently on page administrator rights have rabbitman and fantastika
  8. Newbie Helper

    pls Faxie and other, just ignore such posts like that... i don't care what ppls like he talk or think, this post is for information what i want to do (actually already doing) and for ppl's who want to join our team
  9. Newbie Helper

    [PM from Sin: Can't remember any of my forum stuff, but am happy to help with anything at all]
  10. Newbie Helper

    [PM from Gladiator: i ahve tried my best to give stuff away on ip to noobs and they act like i am a child molestor or something and refuse to trade] [PM from Gladiator: if you have people request stuff let me know and i try and donate on a case by case basis ok?]
  11. Newbie Helper

    hmm atm i dont realy need the donations, but if you want i will accept it to start "HELP" guild and will see what in i can push other gc. Would prefer you with us writing working on webie bro miss you come back to el poe is died anyway
  12. Newbie Helper

    [PM from DsoD: lost my forum login along time ago, i'de donate for the newbie cause and would help out where possible] [PM from Lilay: I am intresting in point:making video basic tutorials] [PM from Lilay: yes,I would like to do something helpfull finally..]
  13. Newbie Helper

    will ignore first part about help: what kind of help can you do and whats your in game name ?
  14. Newbie Helper

    [PM from Bailey: i can ppls who can donate some newbie stuff ] another no forum acc guy (gues he wanted to say he can help with donating some stuff) [PM from Bailey: Megyeer can help:) pm he if you something need ] (photoshop / screenshotings / design works)
  15. Newbie Helper

    yes the idea on that is : Hey all, this page is dedicated to help our newbies to sell / buy / trade items either i plan to make some donations so in "ASK FOR DONATIONS" section will be a form to fill what a newbie ask for and why he should get that donation. The idea isn't give free items, idea is to let them earn thous items, like if someone says "hey ppls i need exc cape, i am new player and looks like i want to play this game, but its realy hard to start bla bla bla" some of our team may look to that post and respond to him like "hey man, welcome to game, i will donate you exc cape but you need to proof you are learning yourself this game not only asking for free stuff so i will give you a little task (or simple question): mix 20 fire essences" Thats just exmaple of idea Best regards, newhope As i noted i am not interested in suggestions ideas atm, atm i am forming team / thinking if i want to push myself to that and so. All suggestions HOW TO HELP newbies will be later