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  1. Free boat from KF to C2

    Small desert Island just might end up being pk I see how it can be fun from a game play aspect, but how can it fit with role playing, somebody runs a shipping line between KF and thelinor? Seems unlikely to be a legit endevor, must be pirates or something, rather than a government sponsored transport route, PL to Melilais or Ida would make more sense. Portal created by ebil PK mages or something might work better. --Duck2
  2. Man (player) eating leopard

    I have never heard of a man eating leapard/tiger/lion attacking a platoon of well armed soldiers, or practically anyone head on, instead they DO always hunt the weak, it may be man eating but it is not a crazy rabid monster, if Entropy wanted that he would make some red tagged creatures spawn occasionally (oh, wait, he does they are called invasions ). Maneaters are still just wildlife, not alien invaders, they WILL fight anyone when cornered, they will not attack when they think they will die trying, just to eat a meal (don't flatter yourselves, humans aren't tasty enough to die for one meal of them, ducks unfortunatly...). The consept is that this creature will hunt the weak, who will have to use their head to avoid it, and the Strong will hunt the leapard, and will have to be smart to catch it. Granted, weak people get eaten more, and weak people who don't use their heads get eaten a lot, but that is entirely realistic. The secondary benifit is that is SO COOL to have a man-eating leapard in game (Fifty odd Duck-eating monsters + hundreds of duck eating players, now one human eater and watch the complaints) --Duck2
  3. Man (player) eating leopard

    I guess it was sarcasm Entropy is in fact correct in his belief, it was indeed sarcasm as should have been fairly clear. Anyway leapards already drop meat, which can be cooked, hence the title of the thread is in fact already possible Indeed it is a fine idea, and not something that has been done in dozens of other games before, like many of the suggestions in the suggestions forum have been. With balancing and care in implementing it should work great. (If Radu gets killed in one hit, it will probably be needful to rebalance ) --Duck2
  4. Man (player) eating leopard

    Overreacting on an internet forum? Surely not. Now for my thought: This plan will only benifit the Ebil RL rich ppl! and destroy the whole game! lol Anyway, I think it is a great idea, even though I can't hardly play any more Ducks have so many RL responsibilties. And the leapard is a good idea, leapards actually exist, hence are more scary that vampires, etc, or you could make it a penguin... those things are even scarier. To make this idea perfect new Death messages for when it kills you "I R in your mixing bag eating your cape" And other such delicatly phrased quotes in LOLcatian. --Duck2
  5. Just for Christmas

    Last I heard a rabbit's foot grows naturally, one on each leg of a rabbit. Why craftable? How about a very rare drop from white bunnies, to make them more different and desirable from brown ones, fluffies get trained on too much for this idea, that way you can get lucky by killing lots and lots of innocent little white bunny rabbits . --Duck2
  6. Well three is max, and they only last 2 minutes, so I can't see everyone dropping their max number at the same time, even if they could they would only be visible if they were dropped just for you to see, so no more likely than 800 people pming you at the same time, which would also be a lot of spam. However it is aditional coding, aditional server resources needed, and not really that useful as far as I can see, if it was implemented an item might be better, something in the 2-4kgc range to prevent spamming, and visible to all players (or all in guild) for 2-3 minutes, I still can't see it actually being used except very rarely though. --Duck2
  7. team arena

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think a certain other free online rpg just happens to have something that slightly reminds me of this suggestion... Why clone a game that isn't nearly as good as this one. Team arena may have merits, but we could be a little more creative than this is implementing it. --TheDuck2
  8. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    I voted yes, but like many of the other people who voted yes I do not believe it should be unregulated multi-accounting. The current rules can be quite hard to enforce, and are somewhat vague, for instance I have run an alt for a time that did NOT interact with my main, but still in a way benefited from the relationship by knowing where resource deposits, dangerous monsters, pk areas, cave entrances, etc where. This "Knowledge Sharing" is obviously not illegal, and my characters never indulged in scouting specifically, but I found many things of interest to my other character while playing the one of them. More importantly is the reason I created my alt, I realized if I wanted to be a good fighter I could never be a good harvester/crafter/manuer/potioner, because of the pickpoint system, I enjoy doing those things so I created an account to enjoy that part of the game, although my main character would not benefit from it. However crafting things without purpose got boring, so I haven't played GreatDuck (My alt) for some time now, because there is no point in making an item that will not benefit Duck2 (My main, obviously). If multi-playing in a economic sense was allowed then GreatDuck could become useful to me by making SRs and TP rings and so forth for Duck2, however I would not consider that an unfair advantage because it takes a lot of work to make a character that is good at making SRs and TP rings (good at means doesn't fail 3 out of 4 times). And I would still have to put a lot of time into GreatDuck to make that possible. As for doing everything for yourself, it isn't going to happen, period. I have played several other games were multiplaying is fully legal, it is a real pain doing team projects with yourself. Fighting in a team with yourself is almost impossible (especially in pk), and lvling up a high lvl mixer is a lot of work, and time taken away from your main. And as Piper pointed out, chatting with yourself gets boring really fast . One way or another it will not effect me, I have mostly left the game and the time between log ons will get rarer and rarer, this is not the fault of the game or community but the fact that I am moving out of school and into the US Army, so obviously maintaining a MMORPG character becomes difficult. I do like this game and I think deregulating the Multi-player bit is a very good idea, although total deregulation is a very bad idea. --Duck2
  9. Collectors and their collections.

    You need to let that bear in your avatar grow up a little before you skin him --Duck2
  10. Tankel

    *gasp* Lorck broke my CoL, now I will go pk him... surprising how little that helps Seriously a improvement in Tankel's (and heavybeard's) success rates would be nice, but it really isn't that bad now, breaking things is bad, it should stay that way (and yes, Tankel really did break a CoL for me, infact everything of value I gave him he has broken, except maybe one pair of iron greaves or something like that). I suspect nothing will change at Tankel at least until Engineering comes in. --Duck2
  11. Yes, this might be a good way to make gem sanding paper manuable, I hadn't thought about that, as for Diamonds, it would be a horribly expensive way to make them: 1: Coal costs the same per EMU as Diamonds, 1 gc per EMU 2: 50 FE @ 3.5 gc ea = 175 gc 3: 20 EE @ 8 gc ea (what I sell for) = 160 gc 4: Assume carry capacity of 540 (my carry load, I am a reasonable mid lvl example), therefore 335 gc in essences + 235 coal (470 gc worth) = 156 Diamonds (470 gc worth at current market prices) Since coal price will equal Diamond price at every bag lvl, you will lose 335 gc per repeat at any bag lvl, just depends how munch coal you swap for diamonds. That is a big price to pay for not using nexus, unless the exp from doing it was amazing I can't see many people actually doing it, unless the end product was sand paper, and the ings were a little different. --Duck2
  12. City building

    I hold the opposite opinion, if the player is bought out for more than he paid, people will buy land, then be a total pain so they get bought out and get 200k in the process... The solution is to have money leave the game in a buyout, IE it takes 120% of what he paid to buy him out, and he gets 80% of what he paid back. So 40% leaves the game. --Duck2
  13. Ok, might work fine, but do nothing but lower the price of diamonds, besides that I can't think of a single other set of items that would work like this, unless you intend to transmute greaves into plate... (unless you want to make gc out of gold bars, but that is minting, not transmuting) Secondly that is like transmuting sand into glass, they have the same elements, but glass is much purer, if you did it directly by compression your glass would be worthless, same with diamonds/coal. You would have to purify the coal. And diamonds simply aren't hard to get, they take a few nexus, but most people that want diamonds also want sapps, emeralds, and rubies, so they have the nexus anyway. --Duck2
  14. Right handed/Left handed

    Blee made the important point, swordsmen were very rarely left handed. The reason is your shield needs to be held in left hand to cover the vitals, if you hold the sword in your left, then your shield (held in the right) will not give your vitals good coverage. So left handed swordsman learned to use their right hand for the sword, not really a big deal, I know several left-handed people who use their right hand to write with. The other point is the reason why extremly few games have this feature, it isn't worth the coding effort, all right handed players isn't a big deal, so no point in changing it. --Duck2
  15. City building

    Well I am not sure exactly how this will work for several reasons. First is the city going to be like a guild map, with only citizens invited? Or will it be like CEL owning Nordcarn (as an example)? And 30M is a awful lot, it will be hard to gather that much money for one person at the moment, which makes the first option more practical. Personally I think you should create an experimental city first, put Learner or Aislinn or Yourself in charge, and make the mods citizens, I am not quite sure how many mods there are, but enough for a small city certainly, and no money involved yet. Then see how things work. Then maybe put a second city on the test server, so it won't injure the EL economy if something unexpected happens. When the cities actually come out I prefer people buy plots of land, then get a vote based on how many acres the have, or perhaps on the value of the land (IE farmland won't be worth as much as in the harbor area, or a mine perhaps), and to get rid of undesirable land owners, have a forced buyout policy , if the rest of the land owners get say 90% vote to boot somebody, they can scrape together about 80% of what he payed and buy him out (make it so the player takes a loss, to make people really not want to get bought out), or you could just let us tar and feather him . You also may want to use a different currency to buy land than GC, something like "land shares" earned from governors like lord luxin or the ones in PL and DP, which currently don't have a purpose. These shares could be bought with gc, or earned by thing like providing a material to the city, or collecting bounties on a undesirable monster in the city. (Maybe even bought with $USD, to give the Evil rich IRL a unfair advantage ) Maybe change what earns the shares from each governor every EL month (which currently aren't used much) on a preprogrammed schedule. Just some of my thought on it. --Duck2