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  1. How old are you?

    HI mora Here !! Getting to be old as dirt 53 here
  2. A change in Rostogol Stones

    Mora here!! Hmm gahndi in my 9 month in game I never have seen you anywhere PKing is envolved hmm. Maybe you could drop by kf and discuss this with us there. I believe rostogol are good as they are and thankful we may have and use them and dont need to change anything Mora out!!
  3. unannounced invasion

    Mora Here! Hehehe Watch out for invasions thoses who dont like to fight is all I can say. got to love them i sure do! Mora Out !!
  4. OMG, the PK is dead!

    Hi Mora Here!! PK was great this morning ! Everywhere I went loads of fun I pked more PPLS then I was pked by that was a plus. Lots of good fights and remarkable didnt run into any brods. No drop day and no brod day would be cool together. Wish we could have a couple of no drop days a week for both sides of the world, time zones are a factor. No drop days seem to bring people out on the fields of battle for a good time . Summer time less people on more outdoor activities, winter time more indoor people more on el more people pking I believe. So pk isnt dead Enjoy your EL Mora Out !!
  5. OMG, the PK is dead!

    Hi Morabelon here ! I spend a lot of time in Kf, seen my share of wins and lostest. I have a time with high a/d people pking me more then I like hehe but hey what the heck its fun seeing if I can live throught each battle. There are alot of powerful players in and out of kf, I tip me hat to ya. I am fairly new 9 months now on EL haveing fun, good luck to all of you ! i'll do me best to meet you square up on the field of battle just need to keep traing me a/d up a bit more to be more competative with ya. The guilds and the rivalry is great been in a couple multi battles recently great fun. All in all pk seems to be picking up and I hope it stays that way . CYA ! Mora out !!
  6. Cooldown on summoning stones

    Mora here!! Thinking about this a second hmm leave 3 second time as is. This alows some one less in a/d to fight bigger a/d people more easily. This is a good tactic to use in pk. Some might not like it because it alows them to pk someone quicker - ie - larger a/d fighters vs smaller, if longer cooldown times are used and lesser a/d player not being able to summon quicker. How ever I have more success in staying alive to fight 10/20 level a/ds higher then my current levels, equalizing the playing field more useing stones . And if you think about it, someone who uses stone and if longer cooldown time is added to the stones, you need only increase the variety of stones to keep some one fighting longer in a battle, so as to be able to start the sequence over again in the fight. Instead of lets say using tiger bear summon, now use tiger bear phantum warrior spider ect, to keep someone killing summons for the longer cooldown time to finish, alowing you to pound your advisary and re summon . Or just use giant yeti to keep them pounding your summons as well ie bigger summons . So i really dont think you will slowdown a rich person much who might like to use stones. To me being able to compete with most and live throught pk is just plain fun and doesnt alow in most cases only a few to rule pk, opening up the game to more players that might like to use tactics to compete and brings a air of danger to pk to both participants not knowing what the heck the other players might be using in the battle. Anyway its all in fun enjoy Mora out !!
  7. harvesting events

    It would still be a novel aspect of harvesting and make it a bit more adventuresome wouldnt you think while harvesting? Afk while harvesting ? humm then yes it would be a wee bit funny to be smack and fine yourself in the under-ground for not paying attention to the game .
  8. Hi Mora Here! What upon triggering a harvesting event a ore or flower monster appeared and attack the character harvesting? Kinda a interesting event dont you think? Example iron golum or a real bee attacking. Thank You Mora Out
  9. Good Luck!

    H Mora Here!! God luck Eagle on your new guild and Godbless ! Mora out!!
  10. Artificiers Cape

    Hi Mora Here!! Selling a artificiers cape at 400k or best offer. Pm in game please. I am on mostly in the evenings usa pacific coast time in the evenings I will concider items trade if NMT cloak is part of trade and only if. Thank You!! Mora Out !
  11. DP arena

    Hi Mora Here!! Dp arena draws all types of people with all kinds of a/d p/c like no other place does except maybe kf for pking. Whats fun about showing up there is the closeness of TD nexts door. Many a good fight spill into TD from the arena where so many good fighters and guild members show up to out fight the others or to vanquesh said villians running amok at the time. So many fantasitic battles this week end occured. Summoning Stones used everywhere in battles, giants running around artic chims yetis and evey where you turn TIGERS, all in all great fun, and even getting killed more then oncewas ok with me. Name calling is part of the game it seems, and tempers do flair, but if not taken to seriouly makes for great talk among friends later and adversaries as well. Anyway have a good day and enjoy pking when and where we can once again!! After all its what makes the game fun for many of us!! Mora out!!
  12. Today's Invasion

    Morabelon Here!! Whoa what great fun that was. Please say yes to more of these in the future. Was able to keep up with it most of the way. And did very well up untill the time I tried to kill said mountain chim withsome help and 2 to 3 more entered in the fray before I could diss and excape hehe lol. Thus bringing me to a untimely and horrible end! So I lost a ros, it was worth it !! Thank you for such a fun event loved it! Please have more of these in future. It was great!! Mora out!!
  13. Thank you!

    Hi Mora Here!! Well in EL AND in RL we have good people and bad people kind people and not so kind! It takes a bigger person to be kind then someone who goes about thinking that the virtues of goodness, honor and doing a good thing are meaningless. Yes this is a game and yndi didn't have to do a good thing but he did. For those that are calling names it just shows what side of the street your on so to speak. Most of the time I return things that I win pking because it means things to people that loose them, and I like this game and want to have fun playing it and want others to enjoy playing it as well. When some one does a good deed it should be a good thing, well spoken of and that is why I posted. For those that think less of Yndi for his kindness I just shake my head and smile. When you are on the receiving end of mis-fortune good luck, and you can only hope that someone like yndi is there and is willing to be kind as he was. Anyway have a good day Godbless. Mora out!!
  14. Thank you!

    To the victore goes the spoils. He did! Just I replaced other lost items and he returned the greaves as well. The nmt cloak was returned as well. That in its self was a noble act by a good person Sorpius.
  15. Thank you!

    ana throws me off! sorry Sir!!! lol good job!!