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  1. 1 million silver ore for sale!

    I'll buy 15k gc worth of the ore
  2. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    -I'm 26 -I'm from Minnesota, USA -I'm a professional forklift driver -I started out playing Command and Conquer and the original Warcraft -I play EL for the nice people I've met there and as a good way to kill time (I was unemployed for quite a while) -I like how dynamic the game is -I found the game from a recommendation by a fomer roomate of mine -I used to play every day but now I have a daughter and work full time so I really don't have the hours of free time I used to have that is necassary for playing -I've tried a couple other games with most time spent on Auteria and Last Chaos -I used to buy EFE's from the shop and then sell them off to make quick gc's
  3. Summoning day

    This should probably be moved to the suggestions section
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/radu_privantu...57622215284309/ Teh god takes on Teh Shotgun, lol
  5. Astrology

    I searched the forum and haven't found a post like this so I thought I'd ask. Now that astro has been implemented for a little while I am wondering if anyone has any good success stories about it. Or better yet, does anyone have any horror stories caused by bad astro at the time? I.e unexpected deaths, horrible fails etc...
  6. Astrology

    Not to necro my own thread but I am again curious about people's opinions after about a year of astology in the game now. My main question though is if it is worth it getting the skeptic perk for myself? I pretty much only harvest/alch these days, with a little bit of manu mixed in. Opinions?
  7. Storage Sale

    11892 Swamp Candles (I'll beat the above offer and go .6 each) PM/Gossip Big_Duo ingame
  8. Harvester Meds

    I wanted to clarify my post. When I said prices have gone up because of demand, I meant exactly what everyone else has said here. The actual supply hasn't changed one bit, just as Chr0nic said they aren't really that expensive to make, nor do they require and rare ingreds. It's the bot owners and other people out there who seem to think that because demand is up they can charge more. And that's what really grinds my gears edit: my enthusiasm has been diminished all of a sudden as I broke two meds in the last 20 mins, and to answer the likely question before some one asks it, my degrade astro right now is actually 250 to the good
  9. Harvester Meds

    Agreed, they are much more useful! But the sudden increase in demand has driven the prices up and I still broke two in 30k silver harvested On the plus side, demand for seridium bars is way up too so I can make the money back that way now too
  10. Harvester medallion

    Finally a good reason to get back harvesting seridium! It was always useful, but didn't have much demand. I look forward to this increasing the seridium market, if only slightly (other than making up a bunch of matter congloms, which is a pain in my... )
  11. City building

    I'd go for the second option if this idea was still going forward
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Please cancel 4k sapphire for big_duo, thx
  13. Thanks to....

    I wanted to say thanks to Bernie! I think I started playing in '04, maybe a bit before. I had no clue what I was doing and probably would have quit if she didn't help me get started out! We're still good friends to this day
  14. Small storage cleaning auction

    I will be auctioning off the following items, please read the entire post before bidding. All of the items listed are going as one "lump" bid. There will be no minimum bid increase, no BIN price, all the items must be sold as a lot and i will sell to the highest bidder no matter what. I will start the offer at 10k gc and go from there. This means that even if only one person bids at 10k I will still sell The auction will end exactly 48 hours from the posting time listed. The items in the lot are as follows: 290 lilacs 1376 impatiens 1092 silver ore 260 titanium ore 2000 rubies 146 sulfur 492 sapphires 2 ring molds 300 training arrows 1 enhanced iron plate mail 30 glacmor rings 40 diss rings 19 harvest pots 66 augmented leather pants 22 wolf fur 8 snow leopard fur 5 feran horn 1 white tiger fur 12 brown snake skin 12 fox fur 4 giant spider sum stones 10 beaver fur 1 hawk feather 29 brown rabbit fur 16 deer antlers 6 white rabbit fur 21 puma fur 6 green snake skin 1 skunk fur 8 bear fur 37 deer fur 1 tiger fur 9 leopard fur 27 falcon feathers 22 bones Good luck and have fun bidding, I know a lot is just junk but there is a good deal to be had here!!!
  15. Small storage cleaning auction

    AUCTION CLOSED- Zamirah is the winner at 29k
  16. Small storage cleaning auction

    I hour left to get your last bids in! Current bid is at 28k
  17. Small storage cleaning auction

    25 hours remaining, winning bid is currently at 25k. Good Luck!
  18. Small storage cleaning auction

    The winning bid is currently 20k (thank you Dugur for reading). Again, PLEASE read the full topic. You are bidding for every single item at once, not selecting which ones you want. If you get the winning bid you get everything on the list, even if you didn't need some of the items. No selective bidding, I tried to make that clear in the initial post. You can always throw away any of the items you don't want if you win
  19. Yes it has finally happened! I decided to create a guild of my own and see how it goes. Recruiting will be quite limited at first however. Right now I am mainly looking for more experienced players to form the higher ranks of the guild. Once that happens recruiting will still continue on a limited basis for a while so there is time to decide who is going to fit in and who won't. For the higher ranking players I am looking for right now I need at least Alch skill of 30 and three other skills over 25 not including overall. If your harvest skill is one of your other higher up skill it must be at least 30 as well. PK fighters are not encouraged to join as there will be not much PKing with us, but all are welcome to join!. (a little protection while harvesting in dangerous areas never hurts icon13.gif Training on A/D and Pvping is allowed of course but keep in mind the main objective of the guild is to work together and make good money through guild projects and advancing skills. I have no details on what kind of projects as of yet, but I do have some good ideas going so far. Participation in guild projects is by no means required however. We just ask that you are as helpful to your fellow guildmates as possible! If you are interested in becoming a ranking member of this guild please post a reply here or contact Big_Duo or Bernie ingame! If you are interested in joining as just a regular member the requirements are to have at least 3 skills over 20, alch is prefered to be included in that! Regular members may PM me and post here as well and I will consider the application. Oh, one last thing. I have enacted a STRICT 18+ age policy in this guild. NO EXCEPTIONS All applicants will be put through a screening process both by searching the fourms and asking around some of my friends ingame before final decisions are made. Don't worry though, I'm not strict. I just have no tolerance for BJrs, known scammers and all other outlaw activity About me: I wanted to include this in the post to insure people I'm not just some n00b who is finally able to make a guild and did so just for the hell of it. I have been playing EL for a little over 2 years now and it's safe to say I know my way around smile.gif I have made many friends in the game who I hope will be willing to toss in a good word for me in this post!
  20. Selling back into game

    yup, in-game name is big_duo
  21. Selling back into game

    I'll take the rubies
  22. Dummy List

    Well, there was this one time in bandcamp....