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  1. Daily Quests

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52558 Just curious about what everyone thinks about them. Eventualy there will be a server update and with it all the new quests being added. The client update is closer by the day as well. Do you think the quests will affect in any way the PK Server? # More people will come. # Less people will come. # A fun way to keep you off the usual grinding. # Nothing will change. To me, looks a funny way to get the alts out of the mines, setting specific places for mine fields LOL
  2. We are not gone for good

    Keep trying, you will find more people online and chatting about things that are "interesting" lol cya soon
  3. Find the new NPC contest

    Murtvhar a Prisoner because of the Grandmaster Prisoner, beaten up... in pretty bad shape... Grandmaster, rock mix... thingy... metal song... mixing.. oh well... EDIT: Prisoner, being an Iron Maiden song
  4. Google Wave

    I roamed to this thread today so... you still testing google wave? I tried to test a bit just for fun, very handy for putting something together with people that work online, working together on several aspects of the same things, being able to see the other type as they go... "online brainstorming". It's a great idea, but, like myself, most people will stick to mail, messenger and google docs for a while more. The invitation part is also limiting it a bit at the moment
  5. NPC

    As far as I can see it, there is no turning back to what this server was, doesn't matter how back in time you travel. Some like me stayed because of things that won't return, community. Like main server, if you want the PK Server crawling with people you will have to give them all the toys, otherwise they will look at others and cry about not having gear, for free, that others worked weeks or months to get. I don't play it much, true, most of my friends don't either and it gets boring. A/D is capped, don't like PK, I need time to make loads of items I can trash to take higher creatures down and the PK chat related crap on @1 is just too much to bare. But things keep changing... Who knows... I hate bots, but bring the Great Sword/Armor NPC back to the game and I will get one if I get the time to play
  6. Looking at your signature, you either have no idea what honor is or you are "too intelligent" for me to understand your concept of honor. A couple of hours of chat and there is no doubt of the lure (scam) to get items from Handyman. DHT admits the planning of it all and also the fact is was only possible because of the guild he was on. Everyone loses items, more or less valuable who cares... just floating pixels, but as some say: "the game is not real, but the friends you make playing it are!" The part that really upsets me is the fact that my Guild was used to persuade Handyman into this lure. He considered DHT a friendly, because he was in an allied guild. How dumb is that... to consider friendly a member of an allied guild... All that said and a lot of personality exposed, I offered to replace at least an item and that offer stands, if Handyman changes his mind about it.
  7. So i'm sick at home and decided to check on the forums... First, an event that completely surprises me as even a kill Kaldoon/Remus contest is harder to achieve. If MrHide's operator had done it back in his days he would have probably been banned for eternity... Second, this post! When I stop playing the PK Server things were a bit differente on MAD... (http://el-mad.blogspot.com/2008/11/mad-rules.html) Guess I should log and see what the server is up to
  8. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    If you consider you get a 8/8 A/D character, P2P for $50... everything else that comes bellow that is strange to me. I think I posted that when I first saw this idea coming up...
  9. It will always resemble the main because its basically the same game. But even you call it the PK server so surely it should resemble Pking? If you want a mixing server or a walk in the park server then maybe the main server is better suited to you. Main Server has PK and has cooldown... Crappy discussion it is... My point being, not every player on the pk server came here because of the PKing. Some, me included, did tried it and stayed because of No Cooldown and the community that the server used to have. And it all started to change with high level items... If you want Hardcore PKing, get and old style server. A place where you don't waste hours getting items for higher items, but a place where you get basic items to get the skills out. Isn't that what you wan't? Or what do you want? or read... http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=464248 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=461212 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=464667 just some reminders on a quick search. probably most never returned to those posts
  10. Some times I ask myself where do some people come up with these ideas. Either I'm drunk to understand it in a way that I consider it another stupid idea, or someone else was drunk when they typed! Yes I can be agressive with words some times. Why on Teh God's Realm would anyone want a PK server resembling the Main one? If we did, why go on the PK Server one? All those who like Pking on main do it because they know when they are going to do it. They just can't stand the idea of being PKed without a full inventory and uber weapons and armor, otherwise the PK Server would be full already, but it's not. Having a different server, with different aspects, was what made me change after 2 years playing a character with decent skills and start from scratch. But, I'm probably not setting my point or anything...
  11. Pardon my French I don't care about PKing, it was never what interested me on the PK Server, but everyone that comes this way ends up having to do some at some point, because he likes it, because he doesn't want to die again or because he wants some pay back. so... what really would interest me in this game, reagarding fighting, would be to get some green numbers on top of my char, raise the A/D cap too many monsters that can barelly be killed without wasting tons of items even when teaming. you want cooldown, I want 20 more A/D levels.
  12. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Segor -- Abstain I'm skeptical, on the PK Server and regarding this post. The more it is voted/discussed the less interesting it shows to me.
  13. Another idea to add people

    I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but you guys either aren't reading the thread are aren't comprehending. I'll say it again: Entropy has NOT agreed to doing any rollback or stat-reduction on copied characters. Period. We're reading and comprehending just fine. Until the very post i'm quoting of yours, we had no confirmation of what Radu was and wasn't willing to do, so we were making suggestions. Anyways, why Radu is unwilling to do as we suggest, especially with an additional fee, i can't fathom... but meh, it's just his and the PK servers loss. Since we are suggesting... why not a $500 fee for char over 100 A/D? (just a suggestion, like any other) For $15 getting a char in 2 servers ! I might even copy my main char just to have him walking around. $15 it's cheap. Not saying it's too cheap, but even the little char sold on the server, 95 A/D was sold for more, this way no one could complain on the price. And no, it didn't had a storage. I haven't been active, most of my friends on the PK have moved on to other games and the little time I have free I don't log much, this won't change it for me but at least the PK Server would go on as Radu would have more funds to support the server fee. From the start this server was supposed to be the mirror image of the main server, the percentage of safe areas on main would get to be pk areas on the PK Server, it's probably not the prettiest way to do it, but most people on main never started playing with the intent of playing but yes of leveling. Most people just don't make their items, they beg for them. That has already started on the PK Server... so no change there. I say go for it. Lets see what it brings. As probably in a year mixers will stick around and others will complain they can't train dragons and stay away, as usual.
  14. Attribute Removal Stones

    Reset isn't an option because you can't get it up there again. takes time and patience to level chars and the PK Server isn't any different. only getting XP from mobs and good mob spots being known to everyone makes you buy/sell chars for months till you got you hands on a full A/D char and now you have no idea what to do with it (as usual). Sitting at VOTD storage waiting for someone to come and fight you when you want isn't PK Server pkin, never was, it's the way of a couple negged char players. atribute removal stones were always neglected because everyone had #reset. I even got a vegetal removal disappearing from my storage and not bothering to know how that happen because I was just not going to use it. if you want stones, get your army of alts harvesting and expect to get lucky.
  15. I Was asked to make this post

    i agree with bkc If you want to get drops, kill mobs, if you want rare harvest event stones, get harvesting. The rates aren't as bad as I keep reading. They would only be low if this was single play. but there are alts that can harvest all the time you are online. As for the drop rate! I remember getting 2 on the same day at least once, on Sego. I only had 2 alts then and Sego was the harvester... just check what you are harvesting and be sure that ore/mineral can provide it. I'm not sure, but I believe I have some 9 Binding Stones in storage. Why? Would love to have a full Ice Dragon Armor Set in storage as I find it the best looking armor in the game. ingame quote from today [17:24:44] [Chris @ 1]: im bored... sego, what did u do once u reached cap? :X the answer is... other skills, harvest and chat stop bring up the same issue all the time. As it looks to me some people just want to get things too easy, do little and PK all day in top gear. Just check how many chars are close to 100/100 A/D and how many NMT cloaks there are. rare items require time and patience.