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  1. Signature & Avatar Sets

    Awesome job, thanks Saint
  2. Saving Stone

    Ahh, thats me..and I do not know if the saving stone will work..in fact I do not know what nexus or what level is recommended. I do know that animal 6 is sufficient and that at my level (80) with only 2 dragons summoned so far I have not even had a food failure, but that does not necessarly tell me much. I carried the stone in hopes that if I failed I would loose it instead of the ingredients. Since I summoned it, I still don't know..lol In theory, summoning is just mixing..so I do believe it would work.
  3. Signature & Avatar Sets

    If you do ever get it made, just send me a message in game or through gossip. Thanks, Egarra
  4. Signature & Avatar Sets

    Ill take a set Name: egarra Picture: possibly red dragon Color: ?? text: ??- name is usually in lower case Other info: My favorite skill is summoning..Don't know how to pull that off in a sig though. Anything you come up with i'm sure will be great based on the samples I see and certaintly better then what I currently have (zero)
  5. Red Dragon in KF

    Sitting around waiting for the Pr0 pk'rs to come, Smurf finally killed the dragon, congratz to him Fun to summon, 14K exp to me. Thanks Entropy
  6. PK server

    Is P2P available and if so is pricing same as on regular server?
  7. Def files

    Thats what I will do where I really need it pk warnings and such, thanks
  8. Def files

    Here is an example of a piece of a def file that is not working as I expect in the [attributes] section of our guild map: [allow_multicombat] min_x: 90 min_y: 271 max_x: 118 max_y: 286 value: 1 text: 'You Entered a multi Combat Combat Area, Let the Games Begin ' [/allow_multicombat] everything works except for the text does not display I have several of these in the [attributes] section, for different attributes of course, and in all instances the text does not display. This is as per the example of the IP def file given in earlier posts but, I also understand that things have changed. Do I need to create a separate [text_area] instead?
  9. PK server

    How about money orders or cashiers checks are those available? The inability to send money affects more then just character creation. People may want to buy rostogol stones later and run into the same problem.
  10. PK server

    True, but I know a couple of people in RL that tried EL and it was not exciting enough for them so they left. I mentioned a PK server to them today and they are ready to give it a shot. They liked the ideas as Entropy originally laid them out. I think that PK server is going to draw a larger and different crowd to EL then the current game does. Sure new players might start on the regular server to get the hang of the game, but then migrate over to the PK server for the excitement.
  11. PK server

    I like this idea much better then the changes to PK suggested to the main server in the other thread, not that those suggestions don't have merit. This is a completely 'new game' whole new challenges to overcome, and I doubt it would ever be boring I see some research would be in order to see what skills are 'really' must haves. Most things can be bought from NPC's and would certainly limit the usefulness of some skills, especially considering that prices on this server should be higher. As for the several 'level limited' arenas that have been suggested. If that were to happen, stick them all together in one location. If people really want to pk, then don't make them go wandering all over Draia to find a good fight I go for Entropy's original idea as posted. Forget all the 'safety measures' This new game is not meant to be played alone. In the end I see only a few strong guilds, not the several small guilds that currently exist. Sounds like fun to me
  12. PK server

    I think its worth a shot. It may even bring back some of those that left El because PK is not what it used to be (so I hear). I dont pk much as it is now, but I would create a couple of characters on this new server. If multi playing is allowed then one for a/d only and the other for mixing etc. I would prefer a C3 all pk and special limitations there, but I also understand that creating a C3 is a lot more then just hosting a new server. So this new server may be the best option. Why not..try it out. What about bots, can we have them? Guild maps , will they carry over or will it be a basic EL and any new maps must be added? And there is nothing wrong with building a castle, everyone expects to get paid for working, we all have to live in RL too. This does not sound like it would help do that too much though :/
  13. Search for the Pirate Booty

    All the 'booty' has been found, thanks to all that particapted. McLane found the thermal serp.. and congratulations to all the winners..post your winnings if you like
  14. Search for the Pirate Booty

    Maps have been updated in the main post
  15. Search for the Pirate Booty

    Last piece of the story is in place and some additional information about the 'booty hunt' that was withheld until now has been released. Treasure maps will be posted 6pm UTC/GMT SHARP tomorrow. Good Luck to all