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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I'm a recent returner, with well over a decade since I last played regularly. I remember Learner being very helpful when I was first playing. RIP.
  2. Guiness is Banned

    Chatlog is a simple text file. Can be very easily edited by anyone to make it show anything they want it to show. I don't know this player, just pointing out the ridiculousness of the claim of "concrete evidence"
  3. Trading strike

    Forgive me if this question has an obvious answer but if you "almost dont play any more", why are you so bothered that you put up a thread about this issue? I'm also confused as to why you keep posting in the thread since you "almost dont play any more" it got mentioned on channel 6, i said something about it and someone told me to make a topic its a problem, and it will get out of hand so i just decided to make a topic to try and fix it, and argueing is fun Fair point^^^^^ Actually, if you have such a problem with manu'ers raising prices so high, why not train manu so that you can actually make the items you need for your fighting? The problem is not that the manu'ers are making things more expensive for themselves by buying the rare ing's at higher prices. The problem is that too many people will not pay a fair (above ing cost) price for all mixables (with a very few exceptions as mentioned in the linked thread). I saw someone trying to buy HE on @@3 for 6gc today. With silver being the price it is to buy in bulk, this means that the player mixing the HE is making a loss. I know the subject of this topic isn't specifically HE, but the same principle applies to everything that is mixed. From basic essies all the way through to the high-level items that are being complained about. The majority of players think that paying anything other than an outdated (and low) price for items is too much Rare ings make high-level items more expensive. If a player wants to be able to supply the high-level items, they HAVE to have the rare ings. If the only way they can get thos rare ings is to bid HIGH for them, then you have to accept that the end price HAS to go up. Any suggestion to drive down the price of the basic ings is ridiculous. I remember someone trying to tell me that iron ore was only worth 2gc as "it's easy to mine" (market average at that time was 3gc) just so he/she could get it cheap. The player then called me a gouger because I refused to sell low. Strangely enough they didn't get the 10k iron ore they wanted from me. Driving down ing prices will only harm the harvesters in a much bigger way than the mini-events did when they were introduced. If the harvesters are harmed, or worse, convinced to not bother harvesting any more, they will stop doing so and there will be no basic ings coming on the market. If no basic ings on market, the mixers (all disciplines) will be forced to get all of their own resulting in a reduction of middle ings resulting in a bigger reduction in higher ings thus forcing high level items to become more rare. More rare means they will become more subject to supply/demand making them even more expensive than you are already complaining about. There is also the problem of the rare ings becoming even more scarce with less harvesting going on. That will itself alone drive up their value and thus drive up the price of the high-level items even more. So, what do you propose to do to resolve this? Continue to refuse to buy things at the increased prices? I think that will only result in you not getting the shiny things you want. There will come a time, if harvesters get pi$$ed off enough, when very few people will sell anything below what it cost them to make - especially if they can't get the items they need to mix with. You make the point that you don't increase the price of a RDHoLaM or NMT just because the cost of HE went up. Why not? It's because you actually have a rare item and want to sell it for money? You have a rare item and sell it for what a player is willing to pay. Please raise it and stop complaining about ebul manu'ers making you pay more for your shiny things. If you put up the price for those items to where you would like them to be, they may eventually sell, but you want the money NOW, so you sell it for those market prices. The same is true of mixers (all disciplines) they want the ings they need and they don't want to wait for ages to get them so they pay the price that will get them the items. It's exactly the same as your RDHoLaM and NMT argument but in reverse.
  4. Trading strike

    Forgive me if this question has an obvious answer but if you "almost dont play any more", why are you so bothered that you put up a thread about this issue? I'm also confused as to why you keep posting in the thread since you "almost dont play any more"
  5. KF o:

    I'm not a pker, but have always had fun running through KF from votd to dp or vice versa via the merc spawn - just to see if any pkers will chase me down and try to kill me. KF got to the point where it was empty the majority of the time and the free merc was no challenge to get. Changing KF to ND has been great for ensuring lots of folks there. Leave KF as is. Is more fun now running through to see what happens. Just a shame about the merc spawn
  6. Harvest level 100!

    Congratulations Stew. Sorry the response has been slow, but I aint been here for a while
  7. Mini Harv Events

    I've been watching this thread with interest as I'm harvesting to get to a large AE project at the moment and the mini-events have become a bit of a pain. I can handle looking back at the screen every few minutes as it's the way I have always harvested large amounts of items. I read forums or chat in EL. Reducing the frequency of the events is a good thing, thankyou Ent. Arguments about only getting a certain amount of experience when fighting now because in the past someone else got more is ridiculous. The game changes as Ent tries to balance and improve it. Generally balances have to be changed as improvements brought in begin to show problems. This is the way of all games where the developer(s) takes an active interest in what the players have to say, and it is a good thing that Ent does so here. I know that a lot of us mixers or all-rounders see the difference in effort to gain levels in mixing against the fighting skills. I know for a fact that it is possible to just fight and still have the gc required to buy essences and potions required to support that. You just have to fight things below your maximum ability. Example, I can fight female and male orcs with only basic leather or aug leather armour and not have to restore often. The gc alone from that is more than sufficient to pay for HE and SR. Bones and the limited drops from them make the value of fighting them higher, but are not required. The amount of experience I can get from fighting these is higher than I could ever get from the same amount of time to harvest and mix anything within my mixing levels. This difference will increase with the mini-events, but so what. I have adjusted to all other changes in the game. I am sure I can adjust to this one too Anyway, back to the original subject. Mini-events have made it a little more difficult to harvest for a large project, but I'm sure that Ent will make the balance better soon. Let's give it a chance and see how it goes, eh?
  8. What are you gonna do with your life?

    I really want to, but getting EL running on an acer aspire one netbook (linpus install) is, so far, beyond my desire to tear my hair out. Will have to commandeer wife's proper laptop again..... She might not be happy about that :)
  9. What are you gonna do with your life?

    Retire in just over 4 years time with full pension, will be just shy of 41 years old. I have little idea what I'm going to do with my life other than get people to pay me to take their pictures. And necro a thread or two perhaps. Might even have to grow up a little.
  10. Quote of the week submissions

    Ummmmm.......... Forgive me, but isn't polygamy the multiple marriage thing? clicky So that would be fine for a guild wanting only the married partners in it.......... No? Have I missed something there? Call me thick perhaps ;P
  11. The highlight was mine. The reason is pretty plain to work out. Says it all. Not everyone wants to be forced into fighting. Personally, I would enjoy this idea if it wasn't for the f$%@wits idiots players who think it is ok to "pwn" very weak players but won't fight those of similar strengths or stronger.
  12. PK poll

    I think that anyone who can put in something like that needs to be shot for their arrogance in believing that their opinion/style can be the only one worth having/using. Agreed. A combat level based arena would be much better to see in the game, whichever map it is in. (Did I just agree with liquid??? Must be losing my mind! )
  13. PK poll

    It's only a few pixels that you're "killing", so why make such a big thing of someone who doesn't do it? I don't PK because there are a few idiots who think they are "pr0" for killing players who have very low levels compared to themselves. It just puts me right off (can't speak for other players)
  14. Summoning 100 \o/

    However few or many hours played per day, it's a brilliant achievement! Gratz Fedora
  15. Book of Special Swords

    Well, it seems like you have had no offers at that high pprice. How about I make an offer? 15kgc