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  1. The Greatest EL Player

    Since I firsted started playing, the player who was their most for me and helped me grow as a player was probably JezeBelle. Most of the people I most respected are now gone but I would vote (in terms of PK) sMooMs as the best EL player for his dedication.
  2. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

    Used to play, but now with CoD and 2+4 and Enemy Territory (Quake Wars) it's left to dust on the desktop.
  3. Xfire and EL

    Works perfect Good work again Sistema
  4. Tinkerbelle

    hmm Cape of the Unbreakable, Rosto, 2 bindings, lots of smaller prizes, she's the real deal
  5. More stupid EL jokes (vol. IV)

    since they're supposed to be stupid... One small step for an Orchan, Is one giant leap for a gnome.
  6. Help a N00b please :)

    Start Menu > Run > Type in "dxdiag" without quoatation marks > go to Display, works on Vista if i remember correctly.
  7. s2e of thermal

    Just saying, title actually just says "s2e of thermal" but that does not indicate buying or selling. Pm me ingame on a rough price though
  8. Kill the post above

    BUT the car crashes
  9. Auto-feature for Suggestions forum

    I agree with masterpiter, you hear really stupid suggestions sometimes, or a suggestion for something thats already ingame! I would like to see this implemented.
  10. Weird thing O.o

    i had a few mates looking at it, we both saw her change at exactly the same time every time, FAKE
  11. Weird thing O.o

    I see clockwise and haven't a clue how to make her go anti clockwise O.o, nice one though
  12. Halo 3

    When you get it, new weapons and vehicles info would be very nice, thanks