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  1. Day of Joule

    try desdamona for some luvin ;*)
  2. Fagin

    and what guild may that be? ;*)
  3. Drops

    yep i been here what 2 year? evry time i suggest something it havnt been suggested before..and i couldnt remember this has been posted..probly bcuz i dont understood it..i read almost evry topic so i dont use ''search''
  4. Day of Joule

    #day reflex today u swap your skills with a random noobie on IP for a day ;*)
  5. Day of Joule

    #day pk day today you dont see player names + guild tags and you can pk evrywhere ;*p
  6. Day of Joule

    #day today its a day eles are worthless from now on ;*)
  7. mas

    I train in fullplate...also seen lorck, mp, nitager, asgnny,ziara training in it too ...hmmm now who's the n00b???? i find this v funny statement ;*) plate = train gear imo go have fun with a full plate in kf to get hit by thermal also why not train in it if u can afort it ;*D
  8. Just a lil story

    sorry i dont understand this, learn some english first ;*)
  9. Day of Joule

    d-day ;*)
  10. Day of Joule

    that guy looks abit like my korean neighbour ;*o
  11. Day of Joule

    no vial lose ;*)
  12. Selain

    Selain god of terror? ;*)
  13. yes you must be a pro scammer WooF ;*O
  14. mas

    3afk brb i have a can with warm milk on the fire ;*) oops