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  1. Guess the player name!

    find pictures at google who form a player name of someone in EL. If you guess the picture, you may post a next one. Starting name:
  2. xfire

    www.xfire.com/xf/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=16022&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=eternal+lands&start=0 we should try get E-L on xfire so lots of people see your playing EL , and try out the game
  3. I stil lose 2 health when its not day time, its not at evry begin of new minute tho.. more like x:20 x:20 x:20 and the rp discription says all livin beings should get dmg
  4. Where am i ?

    Guess where i am, and it is your turn ;*)
  5. /SouthPark

    all episodes on the internet, no downloads! http://www.piczo.com/allaboutsouthpark?g=11323462&cr=3 enjoy
  6. Just a lil story 2

    dawgz =Hc= own yo rofl ca$H newbs come take kf ok?
  8. Drops

    how about this make monsters stop drop to you if you are way stronger then them so people wont serp weak monsters for just the gold, and then more train spawns free for weaker people also people need to buy ''rare drops''(books etc) from weaker players, cuz they arnt able to find them thereself anymore..so books get bit less useless imo, and better for economy! and this way gold can be increased too.. what ya say ?
  9. delay

    when you click to a spot on the map, then click somewhere else, your characters takes like 2 sec before he goes to ur second click, i think its v anoying for pk and training why is this? can it be changed maby?
  10. Day of Joule

    try desdamona for some luvin ;*)
  11. Fagin

    and what guild may that be? ;*)
  12. Drops

    yep i been here what 2 year? evry time i suggest something it havnt been suggested before..and i couldnt remember this has been posted..probly bcuz i dont understood it..i read almost evry topic so i dont use ''search''
  13. Day of Joule

    #day reflex today u swap your skills with a random noobie on IP for a day ;*)
  14. Day of Joule

    #day pk day today you dont see player names + guild tags and you can pk evrywhere ;*p
  15. Day of Joule

    #day today its a day eles are worthless from now on ;*)
  16. mas

    I train in fullplate...also seen lorck, mp, nitager, asgnny,ziara training in it too ...hmmm now who's the n00b???? i find this v funny statement ;*) plate = train gear imo go have fun with a full plate in kf to get hit by thermal also why not train in it if u can afort it ;*D
  17. Just a lil story

    sorry i dont understand this, learn some english first ;*)
  18. Day of Joule

    d-day ;*)
  19. Day of Joule

    that guy looks abit like my korean neighbour ;*o
  20. Day of Joule

    no vial lose ;*)
  21. Selain

    Selain god of terror? ;*)
  22. yes you must be a pro scammer WooF ;*O
  23. mas

    3afk brb i have a can with warm milk on the fire ;*) oops
  24. vontrupka

    amazing ;*O