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  1. footwear

    yep, though i did break 4 pickaxes in a row shortly after i typed the previous, think she might be listening in......... flat court shoes should be easy to render.
  2. footwear

    hmmm, i can see what mother nature will do, "Caladina's heel broke, so sad" lol
  3. footwear

    esp if you are going to a "dress as your el character" party, really dont want to be wearing boots lol
  4. not sure if its been mentioned but will there be an option not to show other characters (and yours) acheivment boxes if you click on the character, its a bit annoying when you start to collect more of them as in a combat you can obscure opponents if you click accidently. also will there be more or less non walkable places you can teleport to and from? like castle walls with no other access.
  5. thanks for the ingame heads up, did they steel Radu's sammich?
  6. Forum validation requests

    You have multiple accounts ingame and we only allow one forum account per person (not per ingame character). Hi, I play ingame as caladina, same as my account here, i'm Loupie's Byfreind and recently joined EL, as me and Loupie live together and use the same computer at different times to play el i just wanted the mods to know that there are two seperate players at the same address caladina and loups. Is this the reason she (loupie) cant be validated?