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Raising caps

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#1 KuRiKiMo



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Posted 05 April 2017 - 12:42 AM

To those whom this concerns,


Let me start out with saying that I am a PK server player, one of the handful that are active every single day. In these three years on PK server i've come to respect and enjoy the balance and challenge that comes with having our a/d capped to 100/100.


I know I can't speak for all of us regulars. So I will be sending them here to put forth their own opinions, and hopefully we can fairly decide based on the CURRENT community, not the community that voted almost four years past now in the last poll to raise the caps. (poll redundant for such a small community imo, though i can do a new one if needed).


So all in all, I personally vote no to raising the cap, through and through, for even after 3 years I find myself challenged every day and find enjoyment in making gains in other aspects of the game, not simply killing stronger monsters, (which a few of us can manage quite efficiently, it just takes some knowledge and creativity).


Anyways, thank you for reading, and those players who are active on PK post how you feel.


- Valdr/Santouryu from PK server

#2 bkc56


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Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:30 AM

So all in all, I personally vote no to raising the cap...

I agree with a "no" vote to raising the a/d cap on the PK server.  I've been playing daily since before the server went live (that is, I was involved in the beta testing period).  And after all these years I still find the server fun (more fun that main) with no lack of things to work on after a/d is capped.


Legend is ample proof that the a/d cap is not a limit to character development and the ability to kill higher and higher level critters with ease.


I believe the recent increase in the attribute caps is a sufficient change which will take people years to fully take advantage of.  I don't see a need for more char configuration changes at this time.

#3 Aislinn


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Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:37 AM

I vote no to raising the a/d cap.

While I'm a relative newcomer to this server, I enjoy and prefer the well-rounded game style the cap promotes.  I would not want to see this server turn into an a/d-focused clone of the main.

#4 Starlite



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Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:37 AM

After posting yes in the previous poll I now vote NO. As the years pass I've seen legend grow to be an awesome char, I doubt even many on main could achieve his skills.  He has proved with brains and skill he can kill any mob that radu cares to throw at him.  If people are bored its because they need to explore other ways of killing, not just melee. We do not lack in any skills a/d is only one factor. You guys don't know what your missing lol







*ps  It should also be pointed out that other skills are NOT capped at 100...ONLY A/D is.

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#5 Legend



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Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:55 AM

Im Legend, i play on the pkserver since like 8 years, daily.


I disagree with an a/d cap raise, at lv 120/120 like suggested.


im at lv 100/100 since like 3 years. and i can meelee kill any mob decently. So , the change wouldnt be a big difference.



The instance used to be completed frequently on the server is the 80-100. that change would suggest that only the 100-120/120-140/120+/wtf . Making the instancing extremely rare on the whole server, maybe even deserted. The  100/120 instance is actualy avaible on the pkserver, no one does that with their oa 130ish and no pp added, it is a real challenge w/o any decent gc loot.



Not any mob is realy hard to kill. the a/d isnt the only factor leading to a kill. 



So , legend oa lv 173 tells a clear no! to any a/d cap arising .. it would be simply pointless with many bad side effects

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#6 robindell


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Posted 26 September 2017 - 06:37 PM

Hi all, sorry wasn't on for a while but with winter coming will be back on, the cap is not really important, Legend and others have shown that the cap is not really relevant, you can still do everything you need, you just need to think :whistle: .

Have changed my mind since 2013 - Leg is responsible he he.

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