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  1. Game freezes

    I have no idea why, but whenever I open the game notebook my game freezes, I have a highend gaming computer and I'm on broadband so it's not the problem. Relogging and restarting doesn't help...I can't see any links put up in the game or keep track of what I need for dailies etc
  2. Cant log in

    Got it working yay, I did a windows update and somehow it fixed the problem. I thought of contacting vino from here but couldnt see where to do that lol, ty Revi
  3. Cant log in

    ty Revi, but i havent changed ISP and no message before log in page, I will try removing those files
  4. Cant log in

    Can someone please help?? If you cant help please ask vinovertas as I cant figure out the K&M forum , I tried post in there .
  5. Cant log in

    Oh dear,, thats double dutch to me no idea what that is or how to do it I have played it on this comp previously and as I said, the pk server opens fine
  6. Cant log in

    OK so that isnt the problem ,, I have the current client and it opens on pk server just fine, but on main it loads halfway then closes. no message etc. I did re -downland and the same thing happens, but pk server opens...no idea why It goes to read configuration, then just closes the window w
  7. Cant log in

    to be honest i dont remember but I'll do the update and see, ty
  8. Cant log in

    Hi when i try open the game i get the log in page then it stops at reading configuration and doesnt load and closes the login page, the funny thing is I can log on on the pk server just fine
  9. _Angel_ paid

    Paid 5AL47581SM940850N
  10. Expiring bots

    Paid for _angel_ Transaction ID 9CV85702T7265715J Transaction date 07/04/2022 18:34:12 GMT+10:00
  11. Expiring bots

    I payed my bot last year according to me its paid up until 10th may 2022 I wondered why it showed no transactions on the log, then I looked here and saw it was down as not paid. Here is the transaction copied this of my bank statement. Looks like I forgot to add its for _angel_ Transaction ID 75L3661133466461T Transaction date 11/05/2021 13:02:37 GMT+10:00 Seller Eternal Lands Development Team chaos_rift@yahoo.com Instructions to seller You haven't entered any instructions.
  12. Water display

    Can anyone help with this problem, water displays fine when inside, but outside does not display correctly. I have the same issue on my pc (Intel i5) and on my laptop (Intel i7). Wondering if there is some setting I need to adjust.
  13. Water display

    I am running the new and love it, but I have a problem with the water display. This happens on both my pc and my laptop. Inside a cave, eg pl titanium mine or gargoyle cave, the water displays correctly. However when I' m outside the ocean or rivers and ponds are just a solid blue colour, I can see shadows of plants etc, but water doesn't display properly. My pc has Inten i5 and my laptop runs Intel i7. wondering if it mighy be viewing distance or some other setting.
  14. Counters

    ah ty.. i have a new comp
  15. Counters

    I didnt play on main for a while and all my counters and map marks are missing, is there anyway to restore them?