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About Changes We Make To This Game

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Almost always when we have a change made to this game there are people who complain. Now, it's alright to complain as long as you follow forum rule #12, but we also have people who flame, quit the game, and think that we, the developers, don't listen to them.

I'd like everyone who has played this game and has gone through different updates/changes to the game with us to keep the following in mind:


#1. We love making this game, we care about it and the users. However please understand that we have fulltime jobs outside of this game, we are not on 24/7 and there are few of us. Things move slowly, forum/game moderation is not 100%, and we will never be perfect.


#2. We want this to be the best game we can possibly make.


#3. In trying to accomplish #2, we will be doing many updates and changes to the game. These updates and changes will not always be 100% right the first time we put them in the game. They very well might need a few days to get right, but we will keep working on them until they are right. But please remember, the changes we make are to TRY and make the game better, because it is trial and error for us too! To make something great you must take risks, try new things, even if they are controversial and the players don't like them at first. Sometimes it takes a bit to get used to something new.


#4. This game is not complete, it is in Beta stage, that means you players are Beta testers, and should have the respect to help us out by giving mature, positive feedback, not flames. When we make a change, don't give up on it, test it out for a few days, there may be new things you find out about something that we didn't know before to help us fix the game and make it better.


#5. We DO listen to player feedback. Contrary to what some might think, we do read the vast majority of the posted suggestions and ideas in these forums. Just because we don't have time to reply to them all, doesn't mean we didn't read it over. If I read a good point, I tell that person it is a good idea, and I do keep it in mind.


#6. We have a lot left planned for this game, from simply adding a ton more monsters & weapons to more complex things like reworking the skill systems. We cannot put a deadline on when it will all be done.

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