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textcommand or hotkey to print ones location on console

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I was today working with user menu and thought about it would be nice to have a way that i could get my own location in some other way then clicking on the compass or clicking it with a shift key, so it posts it into a channel or as server text,

my idea was that i would create a usermenu where when i click it i can send a message to #gm with the location coordinates automatically filled in

like "#gm I died at" #keypress #Keyname = would be "I died at You are in Hurquin  [96,92] or  My Position: Hurquin  [96,92]

or @@guild Badaran found at #keypress #keyname would be @@guild Badaran Found at My Position: Hurquin  [96,92]

and so on there are a lot of things where it could be useful






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