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In december 2011 i recieved a tokie character and changed the name to drtydevil later to whiterhino well in order to do that i had to have konvict1 locked due to my no alt rule in 2013 i scammed someone with whiterhino character which caused me a ban i returned in 2017 and have had very very little problems i no longer have any accounts and was curious may i have konvict1 unlocked im not going to cause any issues im now 28 years old and i hope ive proven a little more mature than i use to be i know its a 70s/80s acc im asking for to be unlocked im asking for all the hard work i put into it would be a shame to never play on it again if its a no i fully understand ive asked before a few times and was told no at the time i also had whiterhino also was originally put on no alt rupe for trading with my stepdads acc drtysouth in 2009 have had no other rule 5 problems until rule 5 was removed for tradibg with myself or with accounts on the same ip address without strict permission i am sorry for the drama ive caused in the past ive spent years apologizing

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Don't double post, you got the answer to your question.

For the rest, do a forum search on "whiterhino OR konvict1".

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