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Alt key / sword cursor not working in PK maps

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Odd "bug" here, and since PK isn't my area of expertise :rolleyes: , it took me a while to discover it.  I have no idea how long this has been a problem.  And I have no idea if it's really a bug or if I have something wrong on my system somewhere.


On a pk map, one is supposed to be able to hold down the alt key and click on somebody and the cursor automatically goes to the sword icon and you can attack.  This isn't working for me.  The cursor does indeed change to the sword cursor while holding down the alt key, but I can't click on him.  Nothing happens.  I've tried different clients, I tried a different keyboard, tried with an alt, and I put back the default key.ini back in.  Could this be a Linux problem?  Does anyone else have this happen?

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Well, on a non-pk map, the cursor changes to a sword when I mouse over a character,

but then when I try a left-click, I'm actually dragging the window. That seems to imply

that the system is intercepting the <Alt>+<Mouse-Left> combination for its own nefarious

purposes. I'm using Linux, Opensuse Leap 15.1 with KDE and X11 to be precise.

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You nailed it.  I'm on Arch using Openbox and sure enough, from openbox's documentation, left alt mouse moves the window and right alt mouse changes the size of the window.  Now to see if I need to remove the appropriate alt key config entries or the mouse ones.


Thank you!


Just to finish this up for anyone else who has this problem (or similar),  I went to /home/sb/.config/openbox/rc.xml and removed these entries:

      <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Press">
        <action name="Focus"/>
        <action name="Raise"/>
      <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Click">
        <action name="Unshade"/>
      <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Drag">
        <action name="Move"/>


A reminder before you tinker with config files to backup your working one first.  Also since I never used these specific combos, it's no loss to lose this functionality for me.  Make sure before you remove things that you aren't using them elsewhere.




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