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Way Points a way for the client to influence the path making

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Just right now as my client changed it direction on it self 5 times to reach 1 point. I thought it would be nice if you could influence the path finding by making way points by using a control button like ctrl + mouse click.

So the first point would be set if you press ctrl down then make mouse click then you can add others by keeping ctrl pressed and click either on the map or on the screen on other  points,  creating inside the client an array of points that will be send to the server one after the other after the char reached one point.  any click without that would stop or reset a char walking should reset the way points. If you create way points by pressing the control key you should not be able to attack anything. This behavior would allow for a lot of strategy movements. Like search patterns, or simply

overriding the path finding system of EL that is sometimes not the way you would like your char to go. There are several places where you know if you click to your real goal the path the client chooses go different then what you really would like to walk. For macros etc this should not really matter, as they could do such behavior anyway.

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with regard to point and click walking i have always thought that the character should automatically follow the actual path ways in game if you using map click to cross a map, thus giving a reason to be with you character and click smaller distances (to use a faster straight line route) rather than auto click being the fastest route


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