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I would suggest 2 items or an item and a spell.

First item would be an Anchor ward. that could be placed like a mine or wards. it would be tied to that specific player and the making of this token should not be cheap, it could also have some restrictions like it does not work somewhere where there is radiation damage or inside etc if some people are concerned about to much miss uses. The token should be make able and include stuff like enriched energy essences several polished stones yew and a few gold bars to be made, i would orientate there on the other ward recipes. but replace the normal energy essences with enriched ones, to put a market on those enriched essences.

The other part could be a spell, with a nice magic level setup or an item like a ring. which is also make abel.


So to place the anchor ward you click on the ward, after that this ward is activ for either a set timeout (my suggestion is about same time as normal mines and wards have)  or (to add a 3rd item and to give some twist) a removal ward is placed.(by a 3rd party)

If you leave a place, and use the return event (ring or spell whatever is decided on)  you get put back somewhere in a circle around the ward.


Useage for this item, 


1. PVP,PKing,Invasions  : It can be used to fast rereach a place you just left to restock. Or to have a strategic plan of attack on pking,  but not to much control over it as you reapear just around the area not direct on it.

2. Hauling of stuff from one place to an other, Its sometimes the case that a player is more time restricted in what he want to do, then he is able to do so.These days people go around it often by having a lot of muling alts and harvesting alts. This offers a different options the costs and restriction setting might help with any abuse concern, the arriving in a circle around the placed ward would help against macro

and if one does the cancellation ward, it would give pkers on the high value targets for mass hauling, to have a way to stop it and to hunt for s2e


As the wards can only used by the player character who placed them, a player would need to walk to that spot at least 1 time in person.


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1 hour ago, antonia said:

So it could be used, for example, to get to the gypsum more quickly? That sounds like a really cool idea.

The good shortcut to gypsum was removed...

I think you just made sure that the idea will not be implemented :P

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