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New Instances

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2 New instances:


  • 40-60 instance - Learning instance
    • Purpose - get people going on instancing so they are better prepped for later instances
      • This instance should be viewed as low risk, low reward. If you die without a brick in this instance you simply return to the start (you still will drop things). if you die with a brick you return to start without dropping things (and lose the brick).
    • Map - Ice
    • Minimum team of 3
    • Cooldown - 150 hours (Seems like cooldown is map based)
    • 1 available map
    • Wave 1 - Male Orc x40 or Male Ogre x30
      • normal drops
    • Wave 2 - Special Gargoyle x15 or x20
      • mirror perked
      • 500 hp
      • drop up to 500gc (average ~100gc), he, sr, no rares
      • Smites summons
    • Wave 3 - Special Goblin x 2
      • 5000 hp
      • drop up to 5000 gc (average ~2000gc), he, sr, no rare
    • Wave 4 - Feros x4
      • Normal feros drops
    • Wave 5 - Special Skeleton x2
      • Mirror
      • 10k hp
      • drop up to 10kgc (Average ~5000gc), 2x REG, orange, 2x bronze sword


  • 60-110 - Newb WTF
    • Purpose - take bricks from lower leveled instancers, and provide for a challenge requiring teamwork
    • Map - Dungeon
    • Minimum team of 8
    • Cooldown - 96 hr mandatory (same as current WTF)
    • 2 available maps
    • Wave 1 - 5x of every normal monster up to and including Yeti
    • Wave 2 - Nasp or giant? Second swamp already does this.
    • Wave 3 - 2x Polyphemus or Labagiu
    • Wave 4 - 1x Red Dragon, or 2x LDP, or 4x LDB
    • Wave 5 - 3x Doom Bunny
      • Eva, mirror, glow, buffed tank rabbit build (high damage but perhaps less attack, very high def)
      • 40k hp
      • Heal each other and follow each other
        • Similar behavior to heal summons and summons in general, respectively
      • Summons fluffy rabbits at random times
      • Up to 60kgc
      • Oranges, 1x grape, or bananas
      • Binding stones or weapons of some sort (Bronzies?)
      • RIGs
      • 5% chance for nexus removal (there's 3, so 15% total)


Basically the 4060 instance should be viewed as an instance training grounds. Nothing there is much of a challenge, but would require at least a bit of teamwork and organization to get through (or at least started). At the same time most anyone should be able to get through it, letting less experienced players get their feet wet.


The 60-110 instance should be hard (if someone has more experience than I do at the upper end of that range, please feel free to suggest other options), and require different types of players. Obviously strategy would vary depending on the team, but wave 1 to 3 would be a fairly typical bash-n-smash. Wave 4 would let a specialist ranger or mage shine. And wave 5 would definitely require teamwork to complete efficiently (luring 1 mob away from the others without having them follow then keeping them away, dealing with adds, etc) Drops are good here, but final bosses in particular are more item based than gc. Guarantee a fruit drop and binders/weapons, decent chance for RIGs, and low (but multiple) chance for nexus removal (could theoretically cap it at 1).


Monsters suggested are just suggestions. The main ideas here are a 'super-noob' instance for 40-60 and a 'newb-wtf' for 60-110.

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agree that there should be starter level invasion/instances

when i was 'growing up in el terms' there were few invasions aimed at first timers so it was either avoid or attempt one too hard for you.



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