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WASD Camera Controls

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I searched and found this topic, but that topic was about walking and moving using WASD.  Also, there may be a way to do this that I'm just not aware of. I'd love to know how if there is, but in case there isn't here is the suggestion.


Let the "Shift" key act as a chat lock. You have to hit shift to type "#" commands and "@" channels anyways.  Ideally, I'd like the "shift" key set as a chat lock and an option I could toggle in the settings to enable WASD camera control. But i'd settle for just having "Shift" be a chat lock. At least then I could remap my WASD keys in the ini file and not worry about them typing as chat. 

Why is this worth anyone's time to code? Well I think its very awkward and uncomfortable when I play on my laptop with a wireless mouse without an external keyboard. With a desktop its fine. Mouse is to the one side, keyboard positioned just right and the screen can stay centered. Same is true for laptops if you have an external keyboard and wireless mouse. But if you are in a, what I consider, realistic gaming position like sitting in a recliner or couch and just have your laptop and mouse to play with then things get difficult. Like my computer I have a large portion to the right of my trackpad that I use as my mouse spot, but it is uncomfortable to have to also reach with my left hand and do the arrow buttons to move the camera. 

I know this seems petty or lazy, but I just don't think I'm the only one who has this issue, and to my uninformed coding ignorant mind it seems like an easy addition to the game. 



Just was informed about moving the camera with the mouse wheel. My mouse didn't work that way (extra buttons) so I didn't think that was an option, but one of the extra buttons on my mouse lets me adjust the camera. So if someone can delete this I'd be thankful. 

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Just for completeness:

- middle button press allows you to rotate the camera,

- arrow keys allow you to rotate the camera,

- scroll wheel zooms,

- <PgUp>/<PgDn> zooms,


and for walking:

<Home>: 1 step forwards, <Ins> 1/8 turn to the right, <Del> 1/8 turn to the left


Simply coupling the rotation to the w,a,s,d keys is only useful for those using QWERTY keyboards,

A lot of us use different layouts (I'm on French AZERTY, which has the W left bottom row...).

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