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how to get started map making (mac)

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Looking into making a guild map, i see alot of info once started, my question is where do i start

atm i only have use of a mac book pro , or pixel c tablet on android, do i need a PC to map make?

Do i need to down load any programs to map make?

Which files / programs in el folder do i need to find to open/start

Last time i did any programming was in the late 80's when it was all peeks and pokes, so i guess things have moved on a bit since then.

appologies for the Q's if they are frustratinlgy noobish but i would like to give it a crack




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You need the map editor, and maybe do some work on the ressources to get it working, i have no idea what do do for mac so i cannot help there much. the binary must be downloaded from forum for windows the description is easier.


Basicly all in this post.

Best idea is to take a map and work from there

It took me a while till i understood the map editor right, and i forgot most of it again. but drawing the map is just half of the fun,

the bigger fun is to create the def that the map needs, which is the find out which coordinates has which object or which area taht you want to fit with something special. read for that this thread




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