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Book of writing (Book of books) unexpected behavior

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I finished reading the Book of writing (Book of books as it is named on npc) like 10-12 days ago.

I know that i finish it because i went to fast reading spot in desert pine especially for that.

On the Knowledge tab on the statistics window i received the message COMPLETED and in the HUD the bar was at 100%.

I was happy and moved on.

After a few days i wanted to check what books to read next and to my surprise the counter was still counting for the Book of writing.

It did not mention a time left to "finish" but the reading points left to read were like 56k out of like 29k.

After the last server update something even stranger happen: I started to read the Book of writing again, without doing anything, like it had a mind of his own.

It started from the beginning, from 0%. Now i am at a bit over 30%.

The coincidence of having the server update the same time when i started to read the book again doesn't help drawing a conclusion if it is bug or not.

I will repeat the same steps after i will receive the COMPLETE message and i will update the post.


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The total research points and your completed research points are sent from the server to the client in a message that does not support very long books (more than ~65000 total points). This causes problems like the one you are seeing as the client cannot properly calculate the remaining time. This is an issue for both the knowledge bar in the HUD and the knowledge window. The vast majority of books are fine. For these long books, the way to check is to use the "#research" command either from the console or by left-clicking the knowledge bar in the HUD. Starting from 0% at the server restart is odd though may just be a coincidence when you passed the 65000 completed points mark as that would show as 0%. Again the "#research" command should give you the true information.

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