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beware of Smaky and alts--bj'd a large bag of mine today

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I usually do my cave mixing in remote caves in C2 so blame myself for this too, but I was mixing a bag of about 12k earth essies and my computer crashed and when I got back Smaky's alt "Smakyzombie" was on my bag. I assumed he was being helpful at first but he would not answer and would not get off the bag...he then proceeded to trade with all his alts the stuff in the bag he wanted the done essies I gather he has been trying to sell those...having a bit of difficulty finding a buyer though he may find one but not most will buy them from him after I let people know in channel 6. He poofed the bag after he got what he wanted out of it.

I realize it is legal for him to do this so am not suggesting he did any game violation but he did act in a way that is not acceptable to most EL players...most of us do not like people who take bags from others and I will say I have never taken a bag from another and most of us including myself believe that it is wrong to take others bags except those won in PK of course...which is a part of the PK game....but it is not acceptable to most of us for others to take and poof our bags we are working on mixing or harvesting in caves. I am therefore only writing this to warn others of this character..if you go into a cave wanting to do a bag and see him or his alts I would advise against it while he is there as he will take any opportunity to steal a bag and he will poof it if he cannot use it. He is a total jerk really as this is really not cute or funny to most of us in the EL community.

what is really sad is I am a very generous player and have been known to give cols and rdhlm and clothes to new players, and truly, had he only asked I would have helped him much more than what he got from me by stealing today....He lost the right to be friended by me by stealing my bag, so in reality he is the loser today...not me.

I can easily replace that bag he will dispose of what he has soon and he has lost his credubility with the community in taking it and will never be able to be just a normal player really unless he shows much remorse someday and does much good to outweight the bad he did...which it is unlikely he will do that.

So anyway. please be on guard against these toons:

Smaky, Smakyzombie, Smakycze, Janiczka All four were busy taking loot from the bag to sto (by trading so I could not gain control of my bag back)

I am not sure if these are alts of another more well known player...I suspect they may be and if you know who that player is please post it would be very helpful to know.


And make the general crafting EL Community safer (safe-guarding our bags anyway)

thank you all for your support too.....I will be fine I can replace all that in a couple days but it is annoying as I had working on the bag for two days....


also Skyrim94 is his alt

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