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Mixed range invasion (80/120) in KF on August, the 28th: Feedback

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I would appreciate any kind of (constructive) feedback on today's invasion.


Short summary of rules:

1. Two caps: 80/120 in a single map. Monsters division: 50/50.

2. Time limit: 40 minutes to succeed.

3. If condition met: bosses spawn according to a (reasonable) wish-list.

4. If not: caps removed. End of event.

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I was there, I liked it. A feedback:

Time limit gives an objective to invasion puts some presure on fighters, is not only about who will kill more monsters and get more gc, it starts to force a team work, which is not common in invasions.

Mixed caps creates a new sets of problems with interpretation of rule 27. With Vanyel we changed few PMs about that, and I belive rules should be reviewed for those kind of invasions if it's suppose to force cooperation between ranges.

Problems to consider:
1. Upper cap fighter healing lower cap fighter.
2. Summons of upper level fighter.
3. Sharing resources (in map) between upper and lover level fighters.
4. Sharing informations (scouting) from upper level fighter to lover level one.

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I don't see a problem with inter-cap cooperation being allowed for a special event, where the different rules are explained as being for that event only. It must be made clear that it is a one-time situation.


Thinking out loud, IF this type of invasion is going to become a regular habit with Vanyel and other mods who run invasions, I would be open to discussing the possibility of two sets of invasion rules: standard and multi-cap assistance. But again, it would have to be clarified that this ONLY applies when the invasion-mod states it is a multi-cap assistance invasion. Always, standard invasion rules are the default unless specified otherwise. (This is not a blanket approval, just a statement I would be open to the discussion, which could lead to it being decided it's a bad idea.)

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As I said during the invasion. I made a mistake and did not announce excuse to the rules beforehand. I did not want to, as I consider it a bad habit, change the rules during the event. Next time I will make sure not to repeat my mistake.


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