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Color changing stone

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Hello eternal people,

So, I got me a color changing stone ( :devlish: ), and I am thinking of going Orchaness.
Now I am human and I have custom human face. Does this effects changing color?
Do I have to first remove my custom face, or it does not matter?

I already got info on what happens if I cancel in the middle, apperantly one losses stone - that is not so great...
But what happens if I choose orchan, and I do not like the charachter I made (not finish changing), can I go back and choose draegoni or something else?

Thank you

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I can't answer your questions about what happens during the color change stone changes, but I can answer the custom face question.

TL;DR: your human customs will not show up after a dragoni color change.

Long answer:
I'll use myself as an example. I'm a female green orc, so the game uses head_orchanfgreen.dds for my face. Say I want to change to blue female draegoni, which is head_draegonifblue.dds. When I change to dragoni, it will look for the dragoni file instead of the orc file in the customs folder. When it finds none, it will look at the normal game file for head_draegonifblue.dds. Now, I could take my custom face on head_orchanfgreen.dds and rename it to head_draegonifblue.dds using the same picture to load the old orc face onto the draegoni if I wanted to. It will probably look like a mess if you do that because the various races' face meshes are stretched a little differently over the skull.

Similarly, if I kept my race the same, but changed my eye and hair color, my eyes_brown.dds and hair_black.dds customs would not show up anymore, and my eyes and hair would look exactly as the ones I chose with the stone.

My cape customs would stay the same because they are not race/gender/color dependent.

So long as I kept my 'naked' clothing the same color, my pants1_green and torso1_purple customs would still show the custom clothes.

So, anything that you change with the color change stone will 'break' any customs you have, but some are not broken because they are not race/color dependent (like capes). The old human files will remain in your customs folder, but will not show on your character.

Hope that answers your question.

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As far as I understand with changing race, you cannot change a human to a orchan with a colour stone. Humans,Elves and Dwarves are free , Orchan, dragoni and Gnomes are paid characters, you can only change to character of the same type (free or paid) Paid character types are only from the shop.

You can of course change the appearance of hair, skin, clothes, eyes etc

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Hey guys, sorry for delayed response


hatwood, that was more than I expected, thank you.

Starlite, unfortunate for me you are right.


BUT(!!!!) you guys wont believe what happened!

This friend of mine payed for my new race!


I must say at first I was furios and mad at him,

but now I love him more than ever.


So now I am orchaness!!!



Thank you two too for your input and time!


Kind regards

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