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predictor knowledge

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I thought I would try making an attack predictor, noting I have read the required A/D indicator book.

However, it failed with a message of "You lack the knowledge of make rare/fail indicator building to make a attack predictor"


So I tried a defense predictor, same result. Encyclopaedia lists required knowledge as a/d indicator, mix window tells me make rare/fail.


Same problem with harvest and degrade predictors, of which I have Harvest/Degrade indicator knowledge.


So I tried the other predictors, for which I don't have the required knowledge, and they all want me to read make rare/fail indicator.


I don't see this book listed as a pre-requisite anywhere

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It's listed.


It's an odd requirement for all predictors, and the encyc seems to have them wrong, but... it's listed on the official list.

While it's (of course) listed correctly in the read-out as generated from the server-data, it's IMHO still a bug therein. It should be fixed to require the corresponding indicator knowledge. So this is really more a real (server-side) bug than a documentation bug in the encyclopedia.

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