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  1. Port 2000 is in use by certain business-grade network devices; network security thus demands to block any traffic on that port except by white-listed origin. Thus using port 2000 was a bad design choice as this port is officially registered to Cisco for that usage.. You'll need to use a proxy in case that you are within such network (it doesn't work at my university either).
  2. The rosto price is not only a detriment to the new players, it is also a detriment for the occasional players. People who are online every day for hours can do the grinding needed to support some rostos, but it's virtually impossible for the occasional player - especially when they would want to go on invances, instances or invasions where a loss of rosto is likely. And let's face it: that's one of the parts of the game which is most fun for most players - but it's the one which is prohibitively expensive. And this game needs new and more players more than anything else. Either rostos need to get much cheaper and more abundant, or they should be replaced by a flat-rate model which allows protecting gear and requires a daily or monthly payment or so (and rosto could be redeemed to get that protection for a certain time span). 5k is a price for a rosto which could work for me, which would allow much more joyful participation in invasions and invances (or that at all)
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I finally recylced the following orders: Sneaky - 20k Sunflowers (15k) [bATCH 2]- Elke [Expired 8/27/15] Patriot - 10k Emeralds (30k) [bATCH 4] - Elke [Expired 09/19/15]
  4. s2e for hydro

    Very much indeed. It's become pointless, especially as the margin even before it was PK'ed 24/7 was not a terribly decent one given such risk existed also back then.
  5. My Position: Desert Pines [249,136] The big red rock adjacent to this position is floating above the sand
  6. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    I am just a mixer - i never do instances/invances/invasions or train on mobs - i enjoy the game and there are plenty of others that do the same That said, some ppl probably do get bored - I would love to see some festive events - maybe some nice gifts from festive quests etc Balance of the economy would also help - there are too many items that have their prices driven by players that impact so many other items prices (EFE, binding stones etc) - NPC them for a fixed price !! One problem with the economy is that most items which can be player-made are also sold by NPC - for a cheaper price than any player can buy and make. And yes, you can harvest and get them for free - but that's not the point. Having no NPC sell what can be made would distribute the money more equally or at least faster and thus even out the game board a bit more and give more purpose to new(er) players. Also it would make specializing into certain skills more desirable. Having all the items which can be player-made items sold only by players would also help to better connect fighters and mixers as they then really need them in order to get their gear.
  7. My Position: White Stone - Lakeside Village [686,151] I'm standing in the wall of a hut. Several tiles are walkable here in this wall.
  8. EL Instance Type 2

    Well, okay then. Somehow I doubt much will be "re-balanced" in the old ones. Indeed I don't think this game lacks challanges for the 'experienced fighters' in the ranges - the instances already work that way. Rather the problem is that you cannot fight instances (or invances) with much success, when you are not a fighter build or are only at the beginning of the range. It would need a mechanism to better judge the fighting capability than simply attack and defence values. Or it would simply need the freedom to pick different "instances" (or however you want to call it), independent of any attribute or skill - players simply choose to participate in whatever suits them. And the reward would scale (similar to current ones) with the difficulty (as it does now). But it would allow everyone to enjoy whatever he or she thinks is adequate for the current build. And as you choose the people to go into an instance, there's no problem really with different combat capabilities either. If one really wants to make sure that no single person can beat an entire instance, introduce a damage counter, compare that to the total hitpoints of the monsters of that instance and cap the possible damage of each participant at 50% or 33% of the total hitpoints of all monsters combined (though then restored HP by magic to others and damage dealt by summoned creatures or arrows and engineering should count towards this, too)
  9. EL Instance Type 2

    Indeed, the focus on a/d alone does not work very well as one easily sees when the PP are not spent on combat-relevant attributes and perks. The game has, however, already another (badly documented) means to measure combat capability: the combat level. That seems to take into account physique and coordination as well. Maybe this (or something along this line) can be used? This may work - for those builds which focus exclusively on fighting and which also got enough gc to buy the most pro gear. If you don't do so, it's already hard to impossible to beat a feros, fluffy or white tiger at a/d 80. Thus Aislin's suggestion to go by the actual combat capability seems to me much more fun, appropriate and fruitful.
  10. Not exactly a bug, but it bugs me: the ores in the NC temple mine could IMHO be well harvestable.
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered: Demitry - 10k Blue Quartz (20k) Expired: Patriot - 10k Emeralds (30k) [bATCH 4] No new deliveries the next 4 weeks due to travels
  12. Grape Finder?

    Why make everything the same? The current way it favours no-one and everyone who goes hunting in many places is equal. With a grape finder you favour the riches - in order to get even more.
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Still ready for delivery: Patriot - 10k Emeralds (30k) [bATCH 4] Demitry - 10k Blue Quartz (20k) Delivered: Marnick - 10k Tulips (15k) [bATCH 3]
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    All Ready for delivery:: Patriot - 10k Emeralds (30k) [bATCH 4] Marnick - 10k Tulips (15k) [bATCH 3] Demitry - 10k Blue Quartz (20k)
  15. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    Ideally two things: * all your chars and all chars of the other person are perma-banned * You'll be prosecuted on grounds of fraud and subsequently fined or jailed.