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what should i be fighting?

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i am currently going for male ogres but wondering if there is something better i can be training on. any suggestions would be awesome.

my stats are:

att: 63

def: 64

phys: 24

coor: 48

reas: 14

will: 22

inst: 4

vita: 4




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A general order, may or not be be perfect due to different character builds: http://el-wiki.net/Combat_Order

Experiment by trying to handle a few of the next higher on the list, then the next, etc. until you feel they're getting too difficult and move back down to the last one you were comfortable with.


Some are just not trained on (white tigers are farmed for furs, not good training). You'll be able to tell as they won't be easy to train on experience-wise regardless of your level.

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Your coord in too high for your a/d. Try polar bears in irinveron closed area south of storage. There are plenty of them so the extra damage from your high coord won't be a huge problem.

Your vitality is only 4 so I guess you block well but you take a lot of damage. Try moon or gatherer medallion for the +4 armor and work on getting your vitality to at least 16 or 20 before you max out your physique.


The next step after that is lions at 70 a/d and then cyclops at mid 70s.

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