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    Ingame name - EtherealWolf
  1. been 3 years since this quest was put in the game and still no end to it, was wondering if there ever will be since you had to give up a scythe for it or can we get the scythe back if theres no plan on completing it.
  2. afk fighting at spawns should be bannable

    took over an hour to kill 30 fem orcs, its so annoying, sure i could race them but when they are right in the middle i can never usually get to them fast enough and i could heal them but would be a waste of essences as they wouldnt learn anything from it
  3. for ages now when i go to do my dailies i see some moron sat at the middle of the spawn afk, obviously lower def than the mob so they attack him, takes forever to do my dailies because of people like this. yes i know its not against the rules but surely it should be as it is really annoying and total bs
  4. what should i be fighting?

    ok thank you very much
  5. what should i be fighting?

    i am currently going for male ogres but wondering if there is something better i can be training on. any suggestions would be awesome. my stats are: att: 63 def: 64 phys: 24 coor: 48 reas: 14 will: 22 inst: 4 vita: 4 perks: Power Hungry I Can't Dance Godless Antisocial Scotty Died
  6. Berlysam

    since rule 5 was taken away its fine for you and your daughter to play together, maybe you hit a bad ip address, try restarting your router and ask to be added to the whitelist
  7. used character names

    I was thinking of making an alt and the name I would love is being used. The person does not seem to have levelled at all so I was wondering is there someone I can talk to about seeing if the name could be made available? this is the one I am interested in. http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=vendetta Thank you.
  8. selling a couple things

    1 efe (15k) 26k fe (130k) 31k coal (108k) ingame name etherealwolf pm me on there, leave a mercator message or post here
  9. sound effects help

    ok i can hear environmental sounds but how can i hear a sound for when i stop harvesting?
  10. sound effects help

    oh also how do you change the sounds of things so I can have something different on both my charactera when they stop harvesting so I can tell them apart. Thanks again
  11. sound effects help

    I am trying to get the sounds to work on my game. I have downloaded the file from the website and put it in this folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Eternal Lands\Sound' but I cant seem to figure out how to make it start. I went into the options and set it enable sound effects but not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
  12. Farewell Candi, may your Spirit find a restful peace

    poor candi, heaven is a more beautiful place now. was an honor and a pleasure to have gotten to know you in el and see how amazing you are. you will be truly missed but never forgotten
  13. Gold for advertising

    I voted that I dont care. Reason is i can see the appeal of this, generating more $ to help the game but also cause the people who spend a butt load of $ already on the game will get this gc which to me the rich people in el just keep getting richer while everyone else will have to work even harder to get the same stuff. I like the idea of having a special shop item auction every month or week or what ever, will make it more fun i think than just gc all the time and will encourage people to buy stuff from the shop. Also since the money is being sold already then it makes my vote pointless.
  14. Server crash?

    [10:35:34] Connecting to Server... [10:35:35] Can't connect to server [10:35:35] Press any key to try again. [10:35:35] Press Alt-x to close the game bummer
  15. Wing Guild

    forgive me if im wrong but werent cols introduced into the game at about april/may 2006? makes it 6 years 10 months if im about right, not sure how it was over 7 years, maybe you got your dates wrong tokie