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Netflix under Linux in HTML5 using chrome Beta and a user agent switcher

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That link goes to a Google+ Linux community post. It shows what you need to do to get Linux to run Netflix.


You install the google Chrome Beta browser (version 37 something), download a user agent switcher, set a custom user agent and switch to that one before going to the netflix page.


I tried this myself and it seems to work just fine. I got no requests for ActiveX or SilverLight. I did not get a message saying my browser did not fit the bill or needed an update. It does NOT work with Chrome version 36.

Warning: Beta software can eat your cat and leave you vulnerable to hackers and memory leaks. Use them at your own risk.

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I got it working, though I fail to get hardware decoding working. Did you manage to get that working? For now I am still on the pipelight method (no hardware decoding either)

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