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New ISP in US banned?

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Is it possible that my new ISP (moved to the US) is banned at EL?

I still have the same rules on my Cisco ASA like I had in Germany, Port 2000/TCP is allowed.


The ASA's Packet tracer shows that everthing is okay as well and packets to 2000/TCP are passed.


Is it possible that new ports have to be configured (however no dropped packets in my log)


Thank you,



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Traceroute from ASA,

I think I will reconfigure it with a blank config now - it's a good exercise, I'm not handlig ASA's on a daily basis...




Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to

1 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec
2 10 msec 10 msec 0 msec
3 10 msec 10 msec 10 msec
4 10 msec 0 msec 10 msec
5 10 msec 10 msec 20 msec
6 20 msec 20 msec 20 msec
7 30 msec 40 msec 40 msec
8 40 msec 40 msec 40 msec
9 * * *
10 50 msec 60 msec *
11 50 msec 60 msec 60 msec
12 * 50 msec 60 msec
13 50 msec 60 msec 50 msec

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Telnet game.eternal-lands.com 2000 is opening a session.

Packets to port 2000 are allowed as well.

NAT (network address translation) is working as well.

However, the client is not able to establish a session.


When connected directly to comcast modem, the client is working. But frankly, I do not want to connect anything before my firewall.




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I think I would like to test Learners proxy service, it looks like there might be an issue with porgt 2000 and 2001 on comcast.



Might it be possible to get in touch with Learner?


Send him a forum pm, he still checks forums here.

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