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Guest Freejack

Opensuse 13.1 No Sound and missing graphics.....

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That looks like a graphics driver problem. Do you have the manufacturer's drivers installed for your graphics card (see http://en.opensuse.org/Additional_package_repositories on how to get those).


As for the sound, did you download the sounds package from http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Downloads/EL_sound_191.zip and install it at the proper place according to the instructions?


That's about as much as I can suggest from what you gave us.


If you've done the above, and you still have problems, could you tell us:

for graphics problems:

- what graphics card you are using and

- which drivers you have installed;

and for sound problems:

- where did you install the sound files. Full path would be best, (you can replace the name of your home directory by <home> or something like that for privacy)


good luck

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Guest Freejack

I have the latest Nvidia driver from the repo installed. All the sounds are installed where they are supposed to be. I don't have any sound device showing in the config. I have alsa with the oss for pulse audio to use. I have other programs that use it. I triple checked the path also, I even wiped the .elc folder and made it create a new one and edited the el.ini to be sure. So I have no idea.

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Which version of nvidia driver? Do you have a mix of 32bit and 64bit libraries installed on your machine? Which binary are running? the 32bit or 64bit version?

in a terminal, type:

lsmod | grep nvidia

if it returns "nvidia", you are running the proprietary closed source nvidia driver (which you want).

if it returns nothing, you might be running the free open source driver (nouveau) which doesn't always work. You can check by repeating the strep above but with nouveau instead nvidia.

If you are using the closed source nvidia driver, also what does "cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version" return?


For sound, run "padsp ./el.something" instead of just "./el.something" (prefix the command with padsp).

Edited by hussam

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As hussam asked (and I did as well, in my first answer):

- which graphics card do you use (there's a lot of nvidia models, and they don't all use the same driver)

- and which driver exactly (name of the rpm would be best, imho, and perhaps the repo)

And please, undo any edits you did to the EL.ini, or post the contents you actually use here (except passwords, of course).


If you don't know what I'm talking about here, you probably do not have a driver installed that allows you to play EL

('vanilla' OpenSuse gives you the choice between the nv and the nouveau drivers, neither of which will work for EL)


FYI, I'm using Opensuse 13.1 with an NVidia card and both graphics and sound work without problem.


Edit: also, seeing that you can get in game, the output of the #glinfo command might help us, especially the first three or four lines.

Edited by revi

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Guest Freejack

Ok just to give you some background I have been using linux for over 12 years. All my systems are running linux no windows in this house at all. Ok now to answer your questions......


For the Nvidia driver lsmod | grep nvidia


nvidia 10679345 115

drm 313440 2 nvidia


Nvidia driver 331.49-29.1 with video card GTX 650 1GB




name of display: :0.0

display: :0 screen: 0

direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose) ****Okay here is an issue now to get it turned on****

server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation

server glx version string: 1.4


the el.ini file as follows:


Only directives that start with a # are taken in consideration

Anything else is treated as a comment

For the directives that accept a boolean value (on/off), 0 is off, 1 is on



Make a backup of this file, before messing with it. In case it gets corrupted, the game might

not start at all, etc.


Login settings:


#server_address = game.eternal-lands.com

#server_port = 2001



Having a Username and Password defined can be a security problem. Use if you are comfortable

in people that can get to your machine knowing this information

#username = "Freejack"

#password = "********"


video modes:

1 = 640x480 16bpp

2 = 640x480 32bpp

3 = 800x600 16bpp

4 = 800x600 32bpp

5 = 1024x768 16bpp

6 = 1024x768 32bpp

7 = 1152x864 16bpp

8 = 1152x864 32bpp

9 = 1280x1024 16bpp

10 = 1280x1024 32bpp


full screen can be 0 (windowed) or 1 (full screen)

if it is windowed, it will use the desktop BPP


#video_mode= 6

#full_screen= 0


The no_adjust_shadows directive, if set on 1, tells the engine not to disable the shadows if

the frame rate is too low.

#no_adjust_shadows= 1


Do NOT turn on the shadows if you have a low end machine, and/or if you are using a 16BPP mode

16BPP modes, on old video cards (up to GF3) do not support a stencil buffer, so having shadows

will make the game unplayable. If this is the case, use 0 instead of 1, in the shadows_on string


#shadows_on= 1


If you want to use some better quality shadows, enable the shadow mapping. It will use more ressources

than the old shadows, but will look prettier:


#use_shadow_mapping= 1


The clouds shadows are projected on the ground, and the game looks nicer with them on.

There is a small (about 10) speed penality, if you let it on, so you might want to disable

them if you have an old video board.


#clouds_shadows= 1


The reflections can now be turned off without using poor_man.

Set the following to 0 to just disable reflections.

#show_reflection= 1


Set this to 0 to disable showing the FPS in the corner

#show_fps= 1


Setting this to a non-zero value will throttle EL back only when it's

grabbing far more CPU time than it really needs to render a scene smoothly.

This shouldn't affect slower systems at all, as they need all the CPU

time that they can get to render nicely.

#limit_fps= 45


If you REALLY have a VERY poor machine, try to set the next variable on 1

You will notice a drastical drop in quality (no reflections, no clouds shadows, and the texture

filtering is set to NEAREST), but you might get a performance increase.

It is highly discouraged to turn it on, tho.


#poor_man= 0


If you have a LOT of memory, you can set use_vertex_array to a number greater then 0 to

increase performance. This works well in crowded areas, but can use 130M or more of

memory. Not recommended for machines with less then 384M of memory, 512M of memory is

suggested for this feature. The higher the number, the faster a system needs to be. If

your system lags when lots of player appear, then consider lowering the number.


#use_vertex_array = 1


Mipmaps is a texture effect that blurs the texture a bit - it may look smoother and better, or it may look worse

depending on your graphics driver settings and the like. It might also improve performance.

To enable mipmaps in the client set the following parameter to 1:


#use_mipmaps = 0


Some systems will not support the new point based particles in EL. If your client complaints

about not having the point based particles extension, set the following to 0:


#use_point_particles= 0


If you experience a significant slowdown when particles are nearby, you should consider lowering

the percentage of particles that are displayed. You can set the particles percentage between 0 and 100:


#particles_percentage = 100


You can increase the mouse sensitivity and cursor changing by adjusting the mouse_limit to

lower numbers, but usually the FPS will drop as well!

#mouse_limit= 2


The following two directives are for configuring the camera rotation speed, when you press

left/right arrows (this is the normal mode), or shift+left/right arrows (fine mode)

Increase for a faster camera turning speed, decrease for a smoother animation.


#normal_camera_rotation_speed= 59.5

#fine_camera_rotation_speed= 5


To prevent your player from moving by accident when you are sitting check sit_lock to 1

and enable it


#sit_lock = 0


Set to 0 if you don't want the item window to be opened when dropping things

#item_window_on_drop = 1


Set to 1 to see the digital clock

#view_digital_clock= 0


Lets you relocate your quickbar by using leftclick+ctrl. leftclick+shift determines whether the quickbar should be horisontal

or vertical (default) and leftclick+ctrl+shift resets the quickbar.

#relocate_quickbar = 0


Shows your stats in the hud (only works in resolutions > 640x480)

#show_stats_in_hud= 1


Settting both show_stats_in_hud and show_statbars_in_hud to 1 will display experience bars for

all your skills on the right side of the screen.

#show_statbars_in_hud= 1


Shows help text, that tells about the function of a button:

#show_help_text= 1


Set the time before the client will go afk automatically (time in minutes). If 0 the client will not go afk automatically

and you'll have to set the client AFK yourself.

#auto_afk_time= 5


Set the default afk message:

#afk_message = "Automessage: I am currently away from my computer"


If afk_local is set, when you go AFK, local chat messages are counted and saved as well as PMs

#afk_local= 1


Global ignores is a list with people that are well known for being nasty, so we put them into

a list (global_ignores.txt). Now, if you want, you can configure the client to load that list on

start up, so you will have some sort of additional protection against those nasty people.

By default, this feature is turned on


#use_global_ignores = 1


Gloabal filters are a list of words that people have found offensive and can be replaced locally.

Set the following to 0 if you don't want to use the default word filtering.

#use_global_filters = 0


Set the following text to whatever you want filtered words to be replaced by.

#text_filter_replace = smeg


The following directive allows you to choose wether or not you want that each time when you

ignore someone, his/her/it's name to be saved on your local ignores list, so you will

permanently ignore that person (unless/until you manually remove the name from the

local_ignores.txt file)


#save_ignores = 1


Indicate if and how you want text messages to be logged to file. A distinction is made between

server messages, which are informational messages like "slow down" or "you failed to harvest the

[whatever]", and chat messages like local chat, PMs and GMs. Valid options for log_chat are


0: don't log anything at all

1: log chat to chat_log.txt, but don't log server messages

2: log both chat and server messages to chat_log.txt

3: log chat to chat_log.txt, and server messages to srv_log.txt


#log_chat = 2


You can adjust the size of the text used for the players name tags on the screen. A value

of 1.0 is the default, and you can make the text bigger or smaller by raising or lowering the values.


#name_text_size= 1

Reserved for future usage

#name_font = 0


You can adjust the size of the chat text on the screen. A value of 1.0 is the default, and

you can make the text bigger or smaller by raising or lowering the values.


#chat_text_size= 1

Reserved for future usage

#chat_font = 0


Set enable_sound to 1 to turn on sound effects, or to 0 if you don't want the EL client to take

over your sound card, or if you have sound problems that might crash the client.

#enable_sound= 0


Setting enable_music to 1 will make the game play background music. Note that the music

files themselves are not distributed with the game, and are available as a separate download.

#enable_music= 0


You can change the music or sound gain (volume) with the following parameters. 0.0 means muted,

1.0 means full volume:


#sound_gain= 0.5

#music_gain= 0.2


Here is where you give the path to your favorite browser. Due to the large diversity of browsers

used, no default browser is selected, but you can easily change it in-game in the

configuration tool, or here by adding a # before the browser command you prefer, and removing it

on the next line:

#browser = ""


Note that, because of Micro$oft's infinite wisdom, invoking a command is done differently

in Win9* and in Windows NT ® ©, so you have to manually select how to invoke your browser.

Be sure to have only ONE selected browser, otherwise the current browser thingy is likely not

to work.


For Windows NT/2K/XP

browser = "start iexplore.exe"


For Win9*

If you don't use quotation marks, the spaces will be stripped.


browser = "c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"


For Linux:

Just put a # before the browser you use, and make sure there there are not two or more browsers

selected. That is, deselect the windows browser

browser = konqueror

browser = opera

browser = mozilla

browser = netscape


Choose your language - all languages available are located in the ./languages/ folder in your eternal lands directory.

The languages are however easily extendable and if you wish, you can translate the client into your language by editing

the files found in the languages directory.

#language= "en"


This option allows you to specify a directory other than the current directory to load data from.

This needs to be set to where you installed EL.

For Windows users, the default is "c:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\".

For Gentoo users, the ebuild installs in /usr/share/games/eternal-lands.

#data_dir = "c:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\"


Set render_fog to 1 to show fog in the game.

#render_fog= 1


Setting use_vertex_buffers to 1 will make EL use vertex buffer objects to speed up the rendering

process, at the expense of using more video memory.

#use_vertex_buffers= 1


If compass_north = 1 (the default), the compass needle works like a real compass, i.e. the needle

always points to the north. If it is zero, the needle points in the direction your character is

facing, and the north is in the direction of the N on the on-screen compass.

#compass_north = 1


If caps_filter is set, messages that are entirely in upper case are automatically converted to

lower case.

#caps_filter = 0


The value for windowed_chat determines how text messages are displayed. Valid options are:


0: Simply print all text on the screen

1: Tabbed chat: text messages are separated based on the type of message (e.g. server messages,

guild chat, local chat, channel talk), and by selecting a tab from a bar on top of the screen

only one (or all) channel or type of message is shown.

2: Windowed chat: like tabbed chat, but the text is displayed in a separate window.

#windowed_chat = 1


Set write_ini_on_exit to 0 if you do NOT want changes in your settings to be saved when you close

the game. You probably do not want to do this, so if you don't know what you're doing, leave it

at 1.

#write_ini_on_exit = 1


If ati_click_workaround is set, the game will try to work around a bug in (older?) Ati video

drivers, that read out the depth buffers incorrectly. Try this option _only_ when you are not

able to walk and you have an Ati video card.

#ati_click_workaround = 0


Setting use_alpha_border to 1 will make EL show a nice shadow border around the in-game windows.

#use_alpha_border = 1


Setting use_floating_messages to 1 will show a message floating above your characters head when

you gain experience.

#use_floating_messages = 1


If local_chat_separate is set and windowed_chat is set to using tabs or the chat window, then

all local chat messages will be displayed in a separate tab, otherwise they will be shown in all


#local_chat_separate = 0


Same as local_chat_separate, but for guild messages.

#guild_chat_separate = 1


Same as local_chat_separate, but for server and other informational messages.

#server_chat_separate= 1


This option is useful for EL moderators only. Same as local_chat_separate, but for moderator


#mod_chat_separate= 1


If highlight_tab_on_nick is set and tabbed or windowed chat is used, tabs in which your name is

mentioned will be highlighted.

#highlight_tab_on_nick = 1


If isometric is set to 1, the in game view will be isometric, i.e. no perspective is used. Use it

when your frame rate is low, it can speed up the rendering process significantly.

#isometric= 0


The perspective correction, only used when isometric is 0. The farther this value deviates from 1,

the higher the perspective distortion is.

#perspective= 0.4


The distance to the near clipping plane from the camera. Objects that are closer to the

camera than this distance will not be displayed.

#near_plane= 0.1


If buddy_log_notice is set, a message will be printed when someone on your buddy list logs on or off.

#buddy_log_notice = 1


Gamma correction, the higher this value, the higher the contrast between light and dark colors.

You can try to use this option when the game looks very dark on your screen, but note that it

affects the entire display, not just the game window.

#gamma= 1


This parameter determines the quality of the shadow maps. You should as minimum set it to 512, and it

will look better with 1024, 2048 or 4096, but also consume a lot more graphics memory/resources.

Valid options for shadow_map_size are


0: 256

1: 512

2: 768

3: 1024

4: 1280

5: 1536

6: 1792

7: 2048

8: 3072

9: 4096


#shadow_map_size= 7


If use_compiled_vertex_array is set, EL will draw 3D objects using compiled vertex arrays. Some

systems don't support this option well, so you can try turning it off when you notice that 3D

objects aren't displayed correctly.

#use_compiled_vertex_array= 0


If autoupdate is set, updates can be automatically downloaded from the server and installed. Note

that this requires the game to have write permissions in your configuration directory, or the

game data directory. If you are able to play the game with default settings, that is most likely

not a problem, since the log files are created in either of those directories as well.

all log fil

#autoupdate = 1


When serverpopup is set, special server messages with channel id 255 are displayed in a separate

popup window.

#serverpopup = 1


Set this option to 1 if you find that clicking the mouse on the ground does not move your

character. Instead of reading the depth buffer, the game will then trace the line of view to find

the ground tile to move to.

#use_old_clicker = 0


Set use_frame_buffer to 1 to enable frame buffer support for shadow mapping and reflections.

#use_frame_buffer= 1


If windows_on_top is set, certain windows can be shown on top of the console and map interfaces.

#windows_on_top= 1


#video_info_sent= 1


#use_eye_candy= 1


#enable_blood= 1


#use_lamp_halo= 0


#transparency_resolution_fix= 0


#max_ec_framerate= 45


#min_ec_framerate= 15


#light_columns_threshold= 5


#use_fancy_smoke= 1


#max_idle_cycles_per_second= 40


#note_text_size= 1


#crowd_gain= 1


#enviro_gain= 0.3


#actor_gain= 1


#walking_gain= 0.4


#gamewin_gain= 1


#client_gain= 1


#dim_sounds_on_rain= 0


#view_analog_clock= 1


#use_alpha_banner= 0


#opaque_window_backgrounds= 0


#customupdate= 1


#special_effects= 1


#time_warning_hour= -1


#time_warning_sun= -1


#time_warning_day= -1


#continent_map_boundaries= 1


#anisotropic_filter= 2


#warn_gain= 1


#render_skeleton= 0


#render_mesh= 1


#use_cursor_on_animal= 1


#use_display_actors= 1


#use_actor_bbox_check= 1


#use_render_mesh_shader= 1


#use_set_transformation_buffers= 1


#use_build_actor_bounding_box= 1


#use_model_attach_and_detach_mesh= 1


#use_render_attached_meshs= 1

#always_pathfinding= 1

#water_shader_quality= 2

#use_keypress_dialog_boxes= 1


#use_full_dialogue_window= 1

#use_ext_gpu_program_parameters= 0

#use_new_selection= 0

#use_harvesting_eye_candy= 1


#skybox_show_sky= 1


#skybox_show_clouds= 1


#skybox_show_stars= 1


#skybox_show_moons= 1


#skybox_show_sun= 1


#follow_cam= 0


#fol_cam_behind= 1


#extended_cam= 1


#ext_cam_auto_zoom= 0


#follow_strength= 0.1


#const_speed= 1


#lin_speed= 10


#quad_speed= 10


#far_plane= 80



#min_tilt_angle= 30


#max_tilt_angle= 90



#far_reflection_plane= 30


#normal_camera_deceleration= 1



#skybox_update_every_frame= 0


#seconds_between_shadows_updates= 10


#use_draw_range_elements= 1


#show_game_seconds= 0



#skybox_update_delay= 10


#rotate_minimap= 1


#disable_sound= 0


#sound_device= ""


#afk_snd_warning= 0


#minimap_scale= 0.7



#use_animation_program= 0


#pin_minimap= 0


#cm_banner_disabled= 0


#disable_window_adjustment= 0


#video_width= 640


#video_height= 480


#buff_icon_size= 14


#disable_double_click= 0


#logo_click_to_url= 0


#logo_link= "http://www.eternal-lands.com"


#enable_user_menus= 0


#3d_map_markers= 1


#showcustomclothing= 1


#emote_filter= 1


#gx_adjust= 0


#gy_adjust= 0


#disable_gamma_adjust= 0


#mapmark_text_size= 0.3


Now to explain about the sound...... in config no option shows up for sound and when launched it fails giving:


alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: No Error (on screen it never writes to the error log)

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Check link in my siggy. I have a repo with OpenSUSE builds. There's RPMs for the music & sound as well.


(or if you're using those, mention it, so I can know if there's issues. These builds are working perfectly on my 13.1 system.)

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Guest Freejack

Burn, worked perfectly...I now have everything..... Thank you.


Also this repo should be put in the official downloads for OpenSuse users. It would really help get more users to the game. Thanks guys.

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