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New and improved 120++?

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Looking for feedback on the updated 120++ instance since the update where the chance for 1 Blue Dragon was removed from 2nd wave.


Wondering if experience shows that you can make money going to this instance or if you are just lucky if you break even with your expenses.


Would like it if you can post expenses vs drops.


Also, I haven't been to it yet since the update so if anyone is looking for a ranger/hitter to join party, pls pm me in game.



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Is it so hard to calculate average?


10,300 + 27,500 + 4,000 + 30,000 + 68,500 = 140,300 gc


So a typical 4 man-team gets a share of ~32,500gc + rares if available (enter fee of 10k already deducted).


For reference: a 120-140 instance has an average of 160k gc + 2 guaranteed oranges = ~180k total gc,

meaning a 4 man-team gets 10k gc more in average in this instance. So just put your own costs in relation

and thats it. Simple.


Note: I didn't take dragon scales into account

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