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DSL IPs blocked for Netia Poland

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I'll shortly state my problem...


I went for the weekend to my parents house (200km away from where I live and from where i play) to find my IP banned from playing EL.

I had to reset the router 3 times to get an IP adress that wasn't banned.


What is the real problem here:


You guys ban an DSL IP adress which is next assigned to someone else somewhere, not the one you have banned (that one probably just had a router/modem reset and is playing again on a new account). Routers on DSL lines have IPs assigned mainly every 24 hours.


These here are 2 adresses I was on before i could log on...


My point: There is no point in banning a single DSL ip, you'd have to ban the whole Internet Provider


And one more thing... if in the Whitelist topic ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, I'll never get an e-mail account in their domain... They simply don't give one just for free and I'm not the network owner :/


P.S. I started playing about 2 weeks ago and didn't break any rules...

Edited by Drakoniusz

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It ain't much help, though, from what I've seen Drakoniusz is a rather polite and friendly person in channel 44.

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