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New Item: Disguise

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I already believe invisibility is totally retarded ;) So please don't post ideas like this...

Bagjump is so easy... Click bag then click take all, done.

Have you heard about TS pot/spell ? :P

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oooh aggro thread :>


the idea you're fishing around is pretty much implemented in Kal Online (or was, haven't checked it for a few years :S). To PK outside of a Castle War you need to buy an assassin mask and put in on. your name gets replaced with just "Assassin" in red so people will not know who you are until they kill you. Obviously on there since there are level restrictions on weapons/armour you can still tell about what level someone is (unless they sneakily think to wear different armours? *gasp*).


Is a good system but hard to implement in a game like this :<

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