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Korrode char locked

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Hi Radu/Aislinn/mods.


I don't know all the details as yet.

All I do know is Ena's actions have resulted in Korrode char (of which she has been using) being locked.


I'm well aware that it's my responsibility for giving out my password and am not asking for any pity.

I'm simply asking if there's any deal I can make to get the char unlocked.

Obviously i'd be willing to agree to stop sharing the char, and would also be willing to agree to a "no sharing chars" condition for whatever length you'd like, if not indefinitely. I wouldn't be looking to share any char of mine again after this anyway.


I hope there's an agreement that can be reached that will get my char unlocked, that said, I know and understand rule 4 so... I plead guilty and throw myself on the mercy of the court.

Edited by Korrode

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The short version is that she took rules #2, #3, and #25 to a whole new level.


There are a handful of people in this game who are out of control and it stops here and now.

Consider this your fair warning.

For obvious reasons, we can't and won't control, monitor, or police what is said and done outside of EL by either side...And yes parties do need to be responsible as well for their own foolish actions...

...but enough is enough in EL. It's one thing to pay the price for doing something stupid, it's quite another to be disgustingly nastily hounded indefinitely.

You people know who you are and any more of this garbage will earn you an instant indefinite lock and ban. The mod team has wasted a LOT of time on you and we have better things to do than babysit daily for the same few immature assholes who have nothing better to do than regularly abuse their chosen victims and make their lives (and those unfortunate enough to be stuck witnessing it) a living hell. Over and over again, I might add. This one particular issue has gone on for a long time and there have been others. If we are going to lose players, I would rather it be you jerks than the nice ones you are running off. You've gone beyond what is tolerable.


@ Korrode: WTF were you thinking? You of all people should have known better. Total judgement fail on your part. And what ent said. Geeez korrode. :omg:


Edit: Korrode is NOT guilty of any of the harassment, I am sorry for not making that clear.

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Thanks Radu and yes Aislinn; obviously sharing my char wasn't a good idea, I won't be doing it again.


One thing I wan't to say to anyone reading this though; I'm not one of the people Aislinn refers to in regards to inflicting "disgusting nasty indefinite hounding" on others, I'm an associate of people who supposedly have been and some people crucify me for that, whether or not guilt by association is deserved is debatable. I don't claim to be Mr. perfect nice guy, but I have not personally partaken in the harassment Aislinn is speaking of.

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