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banned or what ever for NOTHING

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I had problem with quest. ( novac's quest) i was asking in channel help , and 1 mod(thyralax or whatever name) sayed if you really stuck then ask for guildies. heh, how i ask from guildies when im lonely in my guild. so i sayed FU , cuz i was nervous.

1 problem why i asked from channel is that, my brother uninstalled the game and quest log deleted, and there i didnt get information wheres the next guy, and tryed to get info from channel is that, NOVAC DIDNT SAY THAT who i should kill. SO HOW DA F**K I SHOULD KNOW WHO I SHOULD KILL AND WHERE.

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you arnt banned and you can return in 5 mins.

You were asked to staop asking, and i was even about to tell you waht you needed to fight next, but yes i can see how lots of nervous people start swearing at people.....


When you come back behave properly, thank you

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