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Mule Glyph Auction

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*** Please read the complete post before you post any offer ***


This is a new kind of auction to better fit the needs of those buying stuff. Here's how it works:

  • You bid the single price you want to pay (decimal values down to 0.01 are ok)
  • When auction is over, the highest single price wins
  • Winner decided how many s/he wants to buy. Minimum to buy: 10


So if the winner only wants to buy 50, s/he only pays for 50, quite simple.


If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.


Out of experience I also set some rules to this auction:

  • If you post a bid and change your post later than 5 minutes after your original posting, your offer doesn't count anymore.
  • If you win the auction and don't buy nothing at all you are excluded from all further auctions I post.
  • I don't post anonymous bids for you. If you don't want others to find out who you are, get a friend to win this auction and settle it with him/her.


Happy bidding.


Start: NOW

End: NOW + 48 hours

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100gc each for starters.


Getting all.

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