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Going away contest.

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Ok all i have decided my time in EL is over and im leaving, but b4 i go i have place 5 hyperbags for u too find im sure u like the prizes. :icon13:


All the bags together contain (i will not list each bag)


1 iron axe.

2 frying pans.

2 ti longs.

1 halberd.

1 ti serp.

1 ti shield.

1 bronze plate mail.

1 bronze cuisses.

1 crown of life.

94 dis rings.

42 tele rings (dif kinds).

6 rings of power.

80 Rostogol stone.

1 enrichment stone

1 serpent stone.

7 Books.



So to the clue.


We have all been here more times then we can count.

one path in is easy the second not so, but the hardest part for some of us was to leave as we knew what lay in wait for us.

The 4 final steps the last one the hardest.

Do you remember your pounding heart as you decied to leave, knowing what could be out there. you try to read the word hopeing it is some kind of protection spell from that which waits outside after that last final step.

As you step outside are you greeted with open arms or is Death awaiting you.


There are 5 bags placed in this location i hope you all have fun trying to find them, better still have fun trying to get it all back to sto.

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Now im gutted

Take care mate

hope you change your mind and come back

been a great experience knowing you

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