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Find the numbers

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Ok all this event will be on sunday the 24th may at around 7pm GMT (think that when most ppl are on line).



This is another hyperbag event but with a difference.



ok to find this bag you will need to work out some clues, each clue will correspond to one or more numbers

that you will need for the Coords to the bag. When you have worked out the 1st clue pm me and i will give

out the next clue (all you have to do is say clue number completed), once you have completed all the clues

you will be given the final clue to where the bag is then you have to work out the correct sequance of the

numbers found to give you the correct coords. (there is not that many combinations).



As stated above the clues will be give by pm's when you think you have completed the clue pm me for next clue, the 1st clue will be giving out in ch 1 for every one to work with. There are a total of 5 clues for the coords and then one clue for the bag itself.



Every one who is joining in in this event will be asked to gather in ida next to sto (this is a safe map non-pk).



As you should know by now prizes i give are normaly worth it, but bewarned once the bag is found that is not the end of the event you will still need to mule ALL the items back to sto :) So the rest of the player still have a chance to get the coords and come and pk you to get the bag :whistle: So dont stop looking if you think you are close to finishing the clues you might get lucky and get to the bag as well. :)



Depending on how many join in. i will give out details of how many each person has completed clue wise (maybe you might see ppl on yr way and decide to foil there attempts to continue if you think there are ahead of you).. BUT I WILL LET EVERY ONE KNOW WHEN THE BAG HAS BEEN FOUND AND THAT THE ITEMS ARE BEING MULED TO STO :)


Please post below if you have any question.


Good luck to all tha join in.


EDIT: Once again the event is open to the whole server

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Well Gratz to Requiem who found the bag wtg.

From the sound of the ch's there was a few deaths :) But i wont tell names i let you post if u want too. :pickaxe:


Ok so these where the clues and the answers. Hope they help you (well the ppl that did not find bag).


Clue 1.

In a place where the giants roam with the hobgob, find the place which has the 3 types of quartz together

here you find some vials how many vials are there.


A/ 3. ( found in aa [188,352] ).


Clue 2.

In the Scarlet woods you will find a cave how many books are in this cave ?


A/ 3 (EVTR)


Clue 3.

Find the house in Thasendel wood where Right and Wrong are reasoned and debated

find out how many Windows this house has from the inside.


A/ 8 (IRSIS)



Clue 4.

find the long winding path that leads to the most ancient of creatures, upon this path you will find Elder

Shaman Gathlar house. How many feathers in this house has red tips.


A/ 4 This was in nrm up the paths to the Vulcano .



Clue 5.

Find where the ship is wrecked there you find a crate with bottles on how many bottles are there.


A/ 4 this was in Glacmor



final Clue Map.

Find the place where you have two flying machines and unravell the numbers to get to the bag. the number

sequence is xx8/xx


Some ppl had probs with this one as some thought there was only one flying machine, the two machines was the hot air ballon and the flying ship that takes you to WVF.


The Bag was at Arius [348,43]


I hope you all had a fun during this event, I enjoyed making this one up (well i enjoy them all but this was so much fun)

if you would like to see more of this type of evnt post below and i see what i can do, but next one would like to see more ppl playing :)


(If you see any inconsistencies for the clues plz let me know).

Edited by bromber

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Great event! very well thought out, tyvm!


and ty to proH, we did it as a team.

Edited by Requiem

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Yeah this was loads of fun,


We just finished hauling all stuff to storage 1 minute ago :) (with a break in between..)

Might be nice to place yourself at some of the #hints but people might see you go there...



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