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PK Server First Anniversary

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ONE YEAR! In this time we've seen a lot of friends come and go, and come and go again. Since so many people play back and forth on both servers, I'm announcing our huge celebration event in this thread to make sure everyone with a PK server account remembers to stop in, say hi, play a game, and join the fun.


From December 27th to 29th, the PK server will be holding many, many events hosted by most of our regular players. Everyone is welcome!


Here's the schedule of events so far. Each event begins either at 0:00 or 3:00 game time. Saturday's events will begin at the first 0:00 game time when most of us are on. I know, that's tricky, but if someone wants to do the calculations, I'll be thrilled. I can't do the math that far ahead.


And we've figured out the starting times! 0:00 ingame time is 9:00 AM central US, and 1500 GMT.


Saturday December 27th:


0:00 Kick off the anniversary celebration with a Summoning Party in IP (OK, there's a back story to this. Those of us who were here the day of the character wipe basically sat around Beam for about 6 hours waiting for the server to restart. Since we all had bear stones, there were quite a few creatures who joined us).

Those interested in polishing off their summoning skills may use this opportunity to show off get experience, others may work on att/def by slaughtering what they can, and others can sit around and giggle every time one of Requiem's Armed Orcs kills someone (or remote heal, your choice). Come dressed in weirdest costume! (prizes!) (hosted by Orange)


3:00 Other event


0:00 CotM Hyperbag Race (Hosted by CotM guild) HUGE list of prizes! (this one will probably last a while)


3:00 Riddles and Trivia: I've got questions, you've got answers


0:00 Other event



Sunday December 28th:


0:00 Gossip Appreciation Day: (hosted by Gossip) Send admires, threats, and messages. Don't forget to send a telegram to your main server friends to tell them what we're doing today and invite them over!


3:00 Find Gossip! (hosted by Gossip) Since she rocks, she'll be handing out stones (yes, it's punny), various glittery stones (the kind that go in fun storage categories like "magic" and "misc").


0:00 Team Mob Hunt: (hosted by SyWren or Segor, or both) Entrance fee is 200 gc per character. Join one of two teams, and see which team can get the most loot in 1 hour. Winning team gets the gc (and the loot!) Best loot is given to Kaldoon for the next event.


3:00 Kill Kaldoon (Hosted by Bkc)


0:00 Event


3:00 Event


Monday December 29th


0:00 Event


3:00 PK Server Tournament: Details to come as soon as someone tells me the best way to run this or volunteers to run it themselves


0:00 Event


0:00 Find ReMuS! (Hosted by Handyman) Let's end our celebration with a big hunt and lots of PK!

Any and all times can and will change. I'll try to keep this updated as people add more event ideas.

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