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  1. checking on order put in on june 10 claimed on june 27 for Eroticus 10k Diamonds. any update?
  2. El Wiki

  3. El Wiki

    hi, can anyone give an update on when the EL Wiki page will be back up? Thanks
  4. Hi, this is for Eroticus 10k Diamonds thanks
  5. Thats my Bag

    yes i want to be able to attack the person who gets my bag say a 5 min ability to do so
  6. New perk ideas

    Name: Happy Man Description: gives player 10% more exp for all skills Cost: 12pp and 250k gold coins Eroticus
  7. Hi, on 11/5 i posted an order for Eroticus of 10k emeralds and 10k sapphires. i got the Emeralds, but have heard nothing on the sapphires which were claimed on 11/11 please make sure does not get lost Thanks
  8. Great Job guys and gals, for Eroticus 10k Emeralds 10k Sapphires Thanks
  9. This is for Eroticus 10k emeralds 10k sulfur thanks
  10. First thanks for the deliverys and 10k Emeralds for Eroticus thanks
  11. wish to place order for Eroticus 10k Sapphire thanks
  12. Attribute Removal Stones

    NO! Gambit
  13. PK server invasions

    voted 3 days Gambit
  14. day of mother nature she may randomly, pop in to a mining area; mad as heck; and kill all harvester in the area. the harvester do not drop anything. will need a top fighter to come kill her so the harver's may go back to work just basic idea please add thought suggestions ect... Convict
  15. Server Crash?

    Down in US also