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Avatars & Signatures

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meep. :devlish:


I'll be doing Avatars & Signatures again, in exchange for in-game GC's. Prices will be as follows:


Avatar & Signature Set - 15k.

Signature - 10k

Avatar - 7.5k


GC will be payed once your 100% happy with the image(s). Your best off hosting the images yourself, as I format my PC alot, which deletes them.


Ok.. So now I'll need some info about what you would like/want on it..





Anything Else:


This is to help me, and make it exactly what you want.


You can post here, forum PM me, or PM me in-game.


- Liquid


PS: Check for my older threads, if you want to see what I can do (I'm not uploading images here, slows everything down.)

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I'll take a siggy pls


Use your imagination a little, dark colors but a "haunted" theme mixed with pr0ish theme. Need HIM symbol with HIM written under it and Citric as the name.

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