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25 medium and 40 high explosive landmines

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Hi there,


I'm actioning

  • 25 medium landmines
  • 40 high explosive landmines

in an Ebay-like action. That means

  1. No stupid "I'll start low but only sell if decent price is reached"
  2. No "I refuse selling to certain people"
  3. No anonymously bidding -> if you wanna bid without people knowing your name, get a friend to buy them for you


To sum it up: highest offer wins, whatever the price will be and whoever will win.


Bidding ends in exactly 48 hours after I made this post.


Starts at 1kgc


One condition though: To prevent "stupid" bids like "I bid one gc more" please increase in decent amounts like at least 1kgc. Thank you


Happy bidding

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