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  1. WTB Oranges!

    Lots and Lots of veiws, but no one selling? I got 5... still looking to purchase 25 more!
  2. WTB Oranges!

    Well looking to purchase Oranges, please PM me if you have any for sale!
  3. selling Vegetal Removal Stone!

    going going gone! ty to lucky buyer
  4. selling Vegetal Removal Stone!

    530kgc ingame bid
  5. selling Vegetal Removal Stone!

    Selling 1 Vegetal Removal Stones - Removes 1 of your Vegetal Nexus and gives 1 free pp's Starting bid: 520kgcs BIN: 620kgcs Bid increasements: 10k or above Happy Bidding!! bidding will remain open for 2 days i think, or until buy it now is hit.
  6. storage sale

    i am interested in the coal and sulfur, pm me same name in game if you still have for sale.
  7. Some iteams and auctions

    If u still have your magic ess... Please let me know I will take all.
  8. Having a Mini Storage sale

    I will take coal and sulfur at 2gc each
  9. Phoenix

    5. If the player has magic immunity cast before shape shifting, the spell will not wear off while in the phoenix form. wouldnt this apply?
  10. i will get a hold of you in game. thanks!
  11. I have seen many people do the 11/10 trades. Now, the only reason i am posting is because i cant do it myself. i used to mine hydro all the time, but i reset a while ago, and well now i have to look for someone, for the first time in 4 years.... not like i member who does it. No i didnt mean the price of hydro. 2es swords go from 900gc-950gc, so i have only 800, i offered to pay them for the 11th sword, at 900-950gc depending on how many they were going to do. As for selling the swords, and buying back hydro bars, not going to happen, i will just get removal stones and use the swords after. and i will just get my nexus back. i put this up there, to see if anyone still did this, if i knew, who or where ever i could find someone, i wouldnt have posted.
  12. hello Hydro runners!! i have 400 swords i need turned into hydro. i am willing to pay, and i understand the usual is 11 swords for 10 hydro, so for every 10 hydro i will pay 900-950gc, depending on how many u have or can exchange. ( or if you want swords, i will make some up no prob ).. or if someone does it 1 for 1, well i wouldnt say no either!! also thought as payment, it could be made in silver ore, as well, or something that someone is looking for, based on the 900-950, per 10 swords... please pm me or catch me ingame so we can set something up. if everything goes well, i could have another 400+ more to get run as well! thanks.
  13. Artificial Removal stone

    forum pm of 451kgc with 2 min remaining. sold to forum PM
  14. Artificial Removal stone

    1 hr remaining
  15. Artificial Removal stone

    pm bid of 445kgc