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Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

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They... don't match my aug set...





Bid, watch others bid more than you, bid some more. :D


No starting point. No requirements on how much to raise.


But be reasonable. I'll accept less from another bidder than more from you if you're making a jerk of yourself with 1gc increases and other such nonsense. :pickaxe:



Ends when I say it ends. Above subject to change if people get too silly with it.



With that said, have fun, and may the person with the fattest wallet... er, largest amount of gc in sto win. :pickaxe:





Stats are:

4 emu weight

+6 armor

+3 heat protection

+3 cold protection

+3 magic protection

+2 radiation protection

Human 7 nexus to wear




Not accepting any "buy now" offers. Don't bother PMing me about them. gc only. Private PM bids accepted, but bugging me repeatedly is not.

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Guys, don't keep editing your previous posts to change the bid, we can't keep track of it that way. If you're making a new bid, make a new post.

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I love how the price of the ice dragon greaves are already twice that of the black dragon greaves and the only difference in those is +3 cold protection :D

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So what if they are new... in a couple months there will prbly be 50ish in game


waste of money imo :D


price of all dragon armor should be going up when game is updated, making dragons harder to kill, just the scales for this atm is 100k, should be up to 150k soon

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