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Selling Misc..

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329 Black Powders

Brown Tunic

Black Tunic

Blue/Black pants

Skull scarf

Black Scarf

240 leopard furs

160 tiger furs

50 white chant exracts

2 Book of Tit Short Sword of Ice

35 iron helms

5 Tit short swords

2 steel axes


added some stuff, sold some stuff n updated

not 100% on prices for stuff but best offers welcomed, trying to clear out most of my junk if your interested post here

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12k for steel shields



8k for vials



750 deer antlers

544 puma furs

125 deer furs

238 wolf furs

150 polar furs


would you take 10.4k for all this?

ingame name: jrritter



5K for 1 book of tit sword of ice



I'll buy the rats tails, PM me in-game.



1 Enrich Fire Ess

2 vial molds


17K for this. Pm me in game



ill pm you all ingame to sell


and sorry the serp stones are gone for a better offer

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