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Mixers / Harvesters needed for PK server

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The PK server has now got to the point where even though we have our alts we still want to buy ess bars ores and plenty more


Players would rather buy this stuff in so they can spend their time on training their skills


So all you people that love to harvest and mix this would be a great place for you ( just watch out you dont get PKed ;) )


There are plenty of safe places to mix


This is an add i post on channel often


buying binding stones 30kgc /we's/energy ess /le's-- efe's 10kgc each all other enriched ess 2-3 kgc each / serp/enrich stones 5kgc / iron gold silver ore / Srs


And dont forget

have as many alts as you want

Multi play is ok over here (you wont get banned)

Muleing is also alloud

and NO cool down mix everything with friut and veg (you got to love it)


ah well back to training


Handy Thor

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I paid for an account yesterday that might give a hand on this issue :)

will take some time to get the account as a good supplier but I truly believe it will be done withing a couple of short months.


and... if I lose the interest in training because of the long boring hours chasing mice around... I will help a bit more too ;)

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