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possible pk server ad

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I have read alot on the main server about what is outlaw and what is not. I was able to come to this conclusion.

THE PK server is like the wild West in America. Back when there was alot of outlaw or lawless people. Howerver even the outlaws had a code. As do we we have a code we follow.


Will that code change yes it wil. Their are even codes amongst thieves in RL.


YOU could also represent the PK Server as like true mideval times Europe. Since we can multi many of us have come to use a non politically correct term for our alts. We call them slaves. We control them we are there we do not use bots cause that is GAME ILLEGAL. But they are expendable. THey are used to do some of the most boring tasks like harvesting while our Mains do the fun work.


NOw what is the same in both of these examples THE CODE OF the LAWLESS is only able to be held by the iron fist. What that basically means is that when more people come on get stronger or even gain better popularity that CODE can and will change.


WIll it be for the better we can only watch and find out. The current community likes the CODE of the LAWLESS. Are any of the codes written down NOPE.


What we do have because of these CODES, that have been passed on, is no whining when a person gets pk'd. LOL in fact I have gotten some funny pm's after killing a person.


For the time Being Handyman, Yaser, and Myself do our best to maintain a CODE of the LAWLESS for this server. The only reason we can is we are the top 3 ACTIVE fighters in game.


I would like to see this change and it is their is some fighters catching us, due to lvl slow down. but they will run into this same issue. (lvl slow down)


NOW why would you want to play on the pk server.

1. about as many non PK areas on PK server as Pk areas on Main server.

2. There is still alot of time to start a character and catch the top chars.

3. MUlti is allowed (no worries about being banned because "my brother" also plays and lives in the same house.

4. Alot of new things are being implimented regularly that can really increase your the great play already on the pkserver.

5. Radu and Learner are being great with listening to us and how we are trying to build the server up.

6. there are people already setup to help new people to the server grow quickly by supplying the stuff we could not in the beginning. (IE you can get sr's and he's within your first day of playing.) you can get aug armors and up to tit-longs and possibly some tit serps within the first couple days. I think it was 2 weeks before the first tit serp was in the pk server.


THe idea of Well I won't go over cause there are not enough players is what is keeping the server from growing.

We broke the ground and many who helped break the ground have left but will come back as they say when the player base grows.


Now is the time to join the PK server the ground is broken the land is free and waiting for you to reap your riches.

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sorry i have no clue what you are tryin to say since lawless can have

a few interpretation and i didnt catch how you perceived it.

as far as i understand, you felt that lawless means unwritten conduct?


anyway you missed a few reasons why people might play pk server, namely:


1) no cooldown

2) a place to explode emotionally since there is no cooldown

3) stay connected to guildies/friends who are on pk server

4) think an account will be a good investment for future

5) by winning an account


about the whining part,

all i have to say is, be accounted for what you do.

if people do whine too, they should be accounted for what they say.

dont blame a code or your guild or guildies for your actions. i.e. dont brod

someone and say it's the brod list or whatever that made you do it...

just say it straight

that you enjoy broding or that you hate them, etc (this is only an example).


self determination FTW!!

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I wonder if we might get permission to post an "ad" on channel 4 on the main server for PK. It would only need to repeat once every 2 or 4 hours so as not to generate complaints (like Oyster every half-hour :P .)


Last time I was on the main server I mentioned the PK ants and a lot of virtual ears perked up. I think the server has a lot more going for itself than when it first opened up.

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Ok, how many of you fully read my post... :P

(Roja; from: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=42079)


I stand, guilty as charged! :)


I was thinking not of specific events actually, but to advertise the server in general to attract more players. So far I just mention it occasionally in conversation on Channel 4 when appropriate.

Edited by Piggy

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Yes, and like I said :P


"..along with some general info about the pk server if you'd like and if you do not do it often! Once in a while is ok. This is just to help advertise the pk server, so if/when more users come there it will be stopped as well"

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I think the issue with ads isn't so much that we feel restricted, as it is that there isn't really anyone (bot, that is) to do it regularly. Personally, I haven't been to the main server since the update, so I haven't advertised there.


Does anyone have a bot that can say something along the following once every couple of hours on channel 4?:


"What if EL had no cooldown, was easier to level, and allowed multiple character play? What if you could find a free spawn on Sun Tzu? What if you could PK your enemy anywhere you wanted? What if most people PKed in junk armor and won with skill and levels? http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/pkserver.php "

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